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Monday, June 9, 2014

Video "Save Donbass People from Ukrainian Army!"

The English is a little hesitant, but the message is spot on:


A_Chinese said...

Why there hasn't been a mass demonstration in eastern Ukraine so far? If they can organize an events with half a million people in Donbass show up to protest, I think that will be more effective than the war.

Anonymous said...

Finally, Russia has started waging the propaganda war. Way to go!

Anonymous said...

please tweet and put on facebook to counteract MSM presstitudes

Gayle said...

OT: South Stream gas pipeline is irreversible, Bulgaria’s Energy Minister Dragomir Stoynev said Monday, stressing that Bulgarian authorities have not given up plans to proceed with the project.

Anonymous said...

Translated the transcript into French:

A copier ( et corriger?!!)

to share in as many languages as possible!

Le Dahu

Anonymous said...

Thank the Lord that there are some who trying to pick apart the really REALLY dumb propaganda, this time AFP

In French but the photo caption states that Slavyansk is bombarded by the separatists!

We need more people like this guy to really provide comments on the false nature and willing to pick apart the Western Media's lies. We need to make a concerted effort to counter the [pile of poo] out there,

If anyone translate this into English quicker than I, let me know plse.

Yours aye
Le Dahu

Larchonter445 said...

The whole story of Kiev and the murderous Right Sector dogs should include the massacre at Odessa.

Another film should be made that includes the onslaught from Odessa to the ethnic cleansing and war crimes at Red Estuary/Krasny Liman.

The warm embrace of neo-Nazis by U.S. government officials, EU stooges and the willing press of the West is also very important to demonstrate.

Mankind fought this ideology and it is being repackaged by the NWO neo-cons and ghouls of Wall Street under the umbrella of NATO.

Shine the sunlight of truth on the horrors.

Anonymous said...

A crowd of half a million people in Donbass would now probab ly look like a target for evil-minded Kiev-led forces.
What would a gathering of such a crowd achieve now? We all already know that locals want to be safe from attack and war, it's just comonsense.

solerso said...

This comment is perhaps more relevant to the previous thread, but I'd like people to see it and disagree if they'd like to. Also, The American threat is always relevant....

A lot of people seem to think the US has a magical supply of endless military power. As an American I can tell you this is far from true. The US is a Nuclear armed power, but so is Russia and so is China. As a matter of fact the rocket engines that power US ICBM missiles are made in Russia. The US no longer has the manufacturing capability to build large rocket engines. As a matter of fact, the US has not engaged with the first order power like Russia since WW2. As matter of fact they don't want to. Russia is not Libya, or Syria. The American ruling class know that THEY-CAN-NOT politically survive the numbers of losses that would have to come from such an adventure. They also know the Russian people are harder and tougher than the American people because of bitter experience and can sustain far greater losses. And while the US is fighting Russia losing dozens of $139,000,000 F-22 Raptors every week, and perhaps hundreds of $30,000,000 attack helicopters and not 3 or 4 men per day but 300 or 400, or 30000-4000,who will oppress the Muslim people of Pakistan with drones ? Who is going to "contain" China? Who is going to have time to bully Iran? How will they afford to cosset Israel? What kind of ideas will the oppressed American working class get watching all that hard power go up in smoke ? Some might call this "wishful thinking". Very well, say what you will, except the fact remains that the US has not moved to attack Russia, China or any major enemy, not even Iran in all the 70 years of bitter hateful US instigated political conflict.

crazyivanreport said...

Save Donbass People from Ukrainian Army!

What am I to do - grab a fork while cute freshly painted T-90 are rusting in garages? Whose commanders are scared to have a cranny as the tanks are needed for next year parade?

You know my opinion well - kill all NatGuards and Right Sector! ALL!

But Putin is waiting and US gathers hardware in Europe day by day. Let's wait 6 months more till all US forces will be in Europe.

solerso said...

One correction - 63 years ago the US did attack China. This was the action of a "rogue" commander, Douglas McArthur. He had been ordered by the US president not to engage the Chinese, an order he disobeyed. He was removed from command and cashiered for it. Aside from that I stand by my entire comment

Den said...

I'm from Ukraine Donetsk. Ready to provide a scanned copy of your passport with residence permit in Donetsk proof. I want to get out of the fire zone. No means of subsistence. Jobs destroyed by bombing.