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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Slavyansk: A battle for a peaceful life

A big thank you!! to 'E' for sending me the link to this video.
The Saker


elsi said...

"Martxa baten lehen hitzak" by Mikel Laboa, recited, with images of our country.

Translate into Spanish:

"Primeras notas de una marcha"

"El sol funde en lo alto
la nieve de las cimas,
torrencialmente baja hacia los
valles un impulso incesante.

En nosotros está el sol,
el corazón que puede fundir
y la luz que puede raspar
hielo y oscuridad.

Con tanta generosidad como pasión
veamos con claridad toda la
En tanto haya un solo hambriento,
no nos saciaremos.
Mientra haya un oprimido,
no nos liberaremos.

Desbrozando cada uno el suyo,
y entre todos el nuestro,
ampliemos sin interrupción
el camino humano.

Dueño cada uno de sí mismo,
nadie en lugar alguno dominado.
Unidos todo los pueblos,
tendremos nuestro futuro.

En tanto haya un solo hambriento,
no nos saciaremos.
Mientras haya un oprimido,
no nos liberaremos.

El sol funde en lo alto
la nieve de las cimas,
torrencialmente baja hacia los
valles un impulso incesante.

Anonymous said...

FYI, Obama re-affirms commitment to Ukraine:

Video: Obama Backs Ukraine’s New President

haunebu said...

Good video. For those who forgotten or didn't knew, a soldier spends 90% of its time waiting.
English subs present, but discontinued and low quality (Google Translate maybe).
All in all, a good one!
Thank you, Saker!

Anonymous said...

In the end the woman said: “ I wish Turchynov and his entourage that their children would have until the end of their lives suffer as these children suffer. Whether he and his children are cursed. This is the worst curse, and he will be cursed.”

Anonymous said...

from avalS:
“Let us take some event in the life of humanity. For instance, war. There is a war going on at the present moment. What does it signify? It signifies that several millions of sleeping people are trying to destroy several millions of other sleeping people. They would not do this, of course, if they were to wake up. Everything that takes place is owing to this sleep.”
― G.I. Gurdjieff

pug said...

Russia needs to create its own version of youtube, and quick, so that the truth cannot be censored.

Anonymous said...

My heart breaks for the Ukrainians and the rest of the world who are being attacked by the same, western backed, thugs.

There are 7.5 Billion of us and 1 Million of them and we can't figure out how to stop this???

Anonymous said...

Must watch video about Russian Chinese gas deal.

Published on Jun 2, 2014 Marin Katusa, the Chief Energy Investment Strategist for Casey Research chats with Cambridge House Live anchor Bridgitte Anderson about the recent earth-shaking Russia-China gas deal and how it is changing the geopolitical landscape of the world. An absolute must-watch for investors and political junkies alike.

Gayle said...

Good effort, but I lament the quality of the translation.

It's hard to get our side's information out if the low-info's at #p2 and #tcot aren't able to understand what's being said in the videos. They're not even going to watch 3 minutes into this. And...that's who we're trying to reach, right?

(That said, thanks for this - tweeted and shared everywhere I can)

His Majesty said...

Strelkov interview:

Daruma Doll said...

An interview of Strelkov translated on ZH:

jo6pac said...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link and thanks for the earlier kind words in the other thread. I believe Russians and Finns have much to give each other and I hope the rampant russophobia we see today in Finland will gradually recede.

Best wishes

Anonymous in Finland

solerso said...

Thanks for the Video.More and More of these seen in the US and EU will do more over time to corrode the propaganda of the state department and corporate media than any hyperbolic online arguing. I admit to being one of the worst..Its said there was a video of one of these refugee buses coming under fire from right sector/Nazi goons as it tried to leave the combat area. It was up on you tube but apparently the account that posted has been deleted. I went to you tube and found the deleted vid, and I did witness that much at least.

Man From Atlan said...

According to this Bloomberg Report

"Russia-Ukraine Talks to Start as Poroshenko Seeks Peace" (?)

rob said...

Bulgaria to stop south stream pipeline.

The South Stream project

The South Stream pipeline was designed to carry Russian gas to the EU bypassing Ukraine.
Gas will be pumped to the Bulgaria’s Black Sea port of Varna before extending overland through Serbia, Hungary, and Slovenia to supply gas to the Western Europe via Italy and Austria.
The pipeline’s capacity amounts to 63 billion cubic meters.

Anonymous said...

Ummmmm...more goyim fratricide... Anglo-Zionist Oligarchs must be breaking out the GOOD champagne... one weeps for humanity... AGS

Anonymous said...

A mysterious large explosion at Lugansk airport. Another accident for the Ukes?

Anonymous said...

pug said...

Russia needs to create its own version of youtube, and quick, so that the truth cannot be censored.

It's called

MJ said...

Interesting how the song "Land of Confusion" written by Genesis in 1986, still applied when covered by Disturbed in 2006 and of course still does today. So the lyric "My generation will put it right" didn't exactly take off...yet.

Description from

A rare political song for Genesis, this questions the wisdom of world leaders at a time when the US and Russia were enemies and there was a threat of nuclear war. Phil Collins called it, "A political song about the mess we have landed in."

The very popular video was made using puppets from a British TV series called The Spitting Image. The show would often make fun of Genesis, and by hiring their tormentors, the band proved that they could take a joke. The video could go in the Cold War cultural time capsule: at the end, the Ronald Reagan puppet accidentally launches a nuclear missile.

Land of Confusion - Genesis - 1986

Todd McFarlane, creator of Spawn comics, created the video for Disturbed. This version depicts the corporate world driven by greed, represented by one big fat cat. The soldiers vs civilians. Bush, Blair, Chirac, Koizumi and Putin are portrayed.

Land of Confusion - Disturbed - 2006

Anonymous said...

Here's some comments on Ukraine by a great Russian.
Voice of a Prophet

Mohamed said...

MJ said...

"Interesting how the song "Land of Confusion" written by Genesis in 1986, still applied when covered by Disturbed in 2006 and of course still does today. So the lyric "My generation will put it right" didn't exactly take off...yet."

Dear MJ,

You brought some old memories.


I can't see you mama
but I can hardly wait
ooh to touch and to feel you mama
oh I just can't keep away
in the heat and the steam of the city
oh its got me running and I just can't brake
so say you'll help me mama
cos its getting so hard

Now I can't keep you mama
but I know you're always there
you listen, you teach me mama
and I know inside you care
so get down, down here beside me
oh you ain't going nowhere
no I won't hurt you mama
but its getting so hard

Can't you see me here mama
mama mama mama please
can't you feel my heart
can't you feel my heart
can't you feel my heart oh
now listen to me mama
mama mama
you're taking away my last chance
don't take it away
can't you feel my heart?

It's hot, too hot for me mama
but I can hardly wait
my eyes they're burning mama
and I can feel my body shake
don't stop, don't stop me mama
oh make the pain, make it go away
no I won't hurt you mama
but its getting so hard

Now I can't see you mama
but I know you're always there
you taunt, you tease me mama
but I never never can keep away
it's the heat and the steam of the city
oh got me running and I just can't brake
so stay don't leave me mama
cos its getting so hard

Best regards,


123abc said...

Hey guys, here's the new video from Evgeny Fedorov. Very depressing video.

My question is this: Federov always says that Russia isn't fully independent, and that de facto Russia is a colony of the USA, similar to how Germany is a US colony. Is this true? Why is he saying such things? Is he just exaggerating the importance of the fifth column in Russia?

Fedorov is also saying that Putin was ready to liberate Novorussia, but Putin got told that if he does liberate Novorussia then he would be finished and now the operation is off and Russia will definitely NOT intervene in Novorussia unless a huge number of Russians voices full support and voices their readiness to bear the consequences.

Daniel Rich said...

If one side wants to go 'all the way' and the other side will take 'no prisoners,' the only happy persons in the room will be the undertakers...

Mohamed said...

Mama by Genesis:

Develicious (Satanic),


Daniel Rich said...

@ Nora,

Some food for thought [or a thought to eat?]; how come the loudest advocates for a multicultural world prefer their sons and daughters to stay on the 'light' side?

A gun/rifle doesn't kill anyone. Someone has to pull the trigger...

Daruma Doll said...

Gurdjieff was right. All these people are killing each other because of egotistic concepts which are nothing else than dream-like illusions.

Daruma Doll said...

It exists already: Rutube...

Daruma Doll said...

Hey sorry, didn't know you've poted the link, I think we posted it at the same time.

Daruma Doll said...

I agree wholehartedly.

Best wishes to you too.

Daruma Doll said...

I think it is true that Putin renounced intervening in Donbass under the pressure. I also think that Russia is not fully independent...

Gleb Bazov said...

IMPORTANT - Strelkov Interview (Jun 7, 2014) & Statement (Jun 8, 2014)

Dear Saker,

Please see the following:

Interview by Igor Strelkov (Jun 7, 2014)

- Original:

- English-Language Transcript:

- Subtitled Video:

Statement by Igor Strelkov (Jun 8, 2014)

- Original:

- English Translation:

While entirely your call, but I believe we would all benefit by further discussion and dissemination of this information, particularly on your blog. I would be much obliged if you could post this for discussion. Feel free to use as you wish and to make appropriate amendments to the translations.

A third message from Igor Strelkov, as well as a video by Fyodor Berezin, also came up today. I am translating these and will send to you asap.

Kind thanks,

Gleb Bazov

Anonymous said...


@ 08 June, 2014 23:09

I feel as if Strelkov's deputy were speaking to this forum. In many ways it has been a chicken or egg problem -- there seem to be insufficient volunteers for Donbass but that's partly due to shortage of weaponry and shortage of weaponry/kit is due to Russia trying to maintain 'fell off the truck' quasi-plausible deniability.

Screw that, the Ukrainian Air Force is very likely relying on Polish pilots and ground maintenance crews, their Army is being advised by American advisers now publically, and their border guards are being publically equipped through the U.S. Embassy bidding process. Moscow should ignore the screaming about 'meddling in its neighbor' and do what is necessary without putting Russian army boots on the ground. As for the Donbass, do men have to wait until they share the fate of Krasniy Liman to fight? Go volunteer, enlist, and maybe the arms and salaries (in rubles) will suddenly get through the wide open border. Don't wait around especially if your family can flee to Russia for the Nazi Guard to come find you (easy for me to say yes, but I mean this in the sense that Kiev's brutality plus rumors about more 'gifts' from Grandfather Frost found along the highways should see a surge in volunteers this week).

As for the other comment about 'Putin has $40 billion in Swiss accounts' that story has been floating around for years, why should it suddenly have tremendous blackmail power now?

American Kulak