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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Poroshenko's message to Novorossiia and Russia

Poroshenko's inauguration speech has sent a  message to Novorossiia and Russia:
  • No federalization
  • No state status for the Russian language
  • No recognition of the Novorossian political leadership
  • Full and unconditional surrender of the Novorossian Defense Forces
  • Crimea will forever belong to the Ukraine.
He could not have been any clearer: that is basically a declaration of war and an ultimatum.  This is also a full endorsement of the "Banderastan project".

Clearly, the US has prevailed over the hoplessly spineless EU leaders like Merkel or Hollande and the AngloZionists will have their way.

I must leave my computer for the next 12 hours and I cannot write a full analysis of Poroshenko's decision to fully follow the US line, but I will say that two things appear inevitable now: a Russian military intervention in Novorossia followed by the Cold War v2 the AngloZionists wanted so badly.  Up until this moment the European colonies still had a chance to avoid a future which will hurt them much more than it will hurt the US or Russia, but they could not even muster the willpower to protect their own vital interests.

I am disgusted beyond words.

The Saker


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Anonymous said...

This does not look promising for a peaceful outcome.

"Poroshenko promises united Ukraine and no compromise on Crimea"

Penny said...

Good Morning Saker
I saw Poroshenkos comment and thought exactly the same thing
A declaration of war.
Nothing more or less could be expected- he is a puppet
And the puppet masters in NATO pull the strings....

elsi said...

I just heard on the radio that there has been an explosion ( car bomb?) in the center of Kiev!

What can it mean? False flag?
Recalling when the Syrian army was winning positions....

Anonymous said...

I am truly and utterly disappointed with his inauguration speech. A great opportunity has been squandered.
However, its a step forward and the intentions of the new leadership are clearer which gives the Novorossian and Russian leadership the opportunity to formulate their action plan.
There aren't many choices left for them though. There options could be:
1) Accept the United Ukraine and give back Crimea.
2) Continue the current status of low intensity war.
3) Enforce the will of the people of Novorossiia and Russia steps in.
Clearly, the first option wouldn't be acceptable for Mr Putin.
The choice lies between continuing the low intensity with subsequent prolonged human suffering and giving the pro-junta forces more time to consolidate with the help of mercenaries or ensuring that the people of Novorossiia are helped by clean, surgical strike.
I think the thinking of European leadership, if there's any such leadership is very obvious.
Its a make or break moment for Russia. Mr Putin needs to decide and decide fast whether he wants to continue the pivot to East and secure the Western borders of Russia from the persistent NATO onslaught or give in to the Empire's desire of European domination and extending its tentacles to the Western Fringes of Russia.
I hope he acts fast now.

Veritas said...

Dear The Saker,

I am disgusted too. What goes around comes around and they will reap what they have sown.

The poor people of Novorossia.

Sadly, it will be the people of Europe - not their so called leaders who will suffer :(.

Crimea was never part of Ukraine and will forever be Russia! Put that in your pipe and smoke it Poroshenko. The guy is a complete and utter idiot - he should have never been at D Day either!

What a disgrace after an event rememberig WWII and how many died.



p.s. I think the standing and waving from Biden and EU president at the inaugeration said it all......from the brief clip shown on RT earlier today....

MS in Kiev said...

Novorossiia's answer, possibly...

Car blast in Ukraine's Kiev near presidential HQ

A car has exploded in central Kiev where the presidential administration, the Ukrainian parliament and the governmental district are located, Kiev police said. Injuries are being reported.

The explosion occurred at about 10:00 am local time (07:00 GMT), just as President Petro Poroshenko was taking his oath of office.

The vehicle caught on fire. Police have not yet commented on what may have caused the blast.

"The Infiniti-make car belongs to a local, who is around 50 years old," the law enforcers said.

The car’s driver, a Ukrainian national, got his thigh broken and severely wounded and two toes ripped off in the blast. He was immediately taken to a local hospital. The police are currently investigating the case.

The car’s plate numbers were consistent with those from the eastern Ukrainian city of Lugansk, which has recently claimed its independence from Kiev, local news outlets claimed.


As a Kiev resident, this was my worst fear.

Anonymous said...

This is the dynamic:

The US definitely has had enormous problems getting the Europeans on board with effective sanctions.

The US believes that the only way to get the Europeans on board will be to provoke a military incursion into Ukraine by Soviet troops.

1) I don't think they're right. France will not fight Russia. Cas fermée.

2) Putin will never send in troops, but he will send more and more and more weapons, men, everything he can. And it is alot.

And how, pray tell, will the US prevent Putin from doing this? Did the US prevent Moscow from arming the North Vietnamese? And if I recall correctly, North Vietnam did not share a border with Russia.

Increasingly, I believe there is no way the US wins here.

Anonymous said...

Actually i was suprised that Putin have said some good words about Zionist Poroshenko. From the beginning it was known, that this guy won't cooperate in any circumstances.
Ukrainie will soon suffer from great austerity thanks to IMF and they have no money to pay their bills for natural gas. Maybe this is their strategy...


Michael said...

If border between Donbas and Russia is completely liberated, then men and special "tools" can move across freely. If some of these men are expert at shooting down planes and helicopters, then a "no fly zone" would have been established. If more or these men are skilled at destroying convoys, then the Right Sektor might find life in Donbas very worrying. The British army had no freedom of movement in Northern Ireland. A handful of IRA fighters kept the mighty British army confined to barracks. The Ukie army and the fascist Right Sektor could be chased out of Donbas without Russian intervention. Russia should adopt tactics used by the NATO-West. Speaking with forked tongue is clearly the way forward.

TheInescapeable said...

if this happens ...which i still pray doesn't move head on

we may or we must be looking

a) Break up of EU
b) Eurasian Alliance on a more stronger footing (Russia and China )
c) Dead End of UN system....which it already is in a sense (United Neocon system)
d) Something bad instigated in shia axis by these bloodsuckers

I am not a clairvoyant..

but this would be last semblence of NATO (Neurotic Alliance of Thirsty Oligarchs)

still....dont want to belive that it has to happen,,,,but all these ragtag neonazi right sector would have no where to hide when the bear wakes up and crosses the border...

what you sow,so shall ya reap

May Sanity Prevail.

hardcore said...

Well... a pretty ominous beginning for Poroshenko!

TheInescapeable said...

if this happens ...which i still pray doesn't move head on

we may or we must be looking

a) Break up of EU
b) Eurasian Alliance on a more stronger footing (Russia and China )
c) Dead End of UN system....which it already is in a sense (United Neocon system)
d) Something bad instigated in shia axis by these bloodsuckers

I am not a clairvoyant..

but this would be last semblence of NATO (Neurotic Alliance of Thirsty Oligarchs)

still....dont want to belive that it has to happen,,,,but all these ragtag neonazi right sector would have no where to hide when the bear wakes up and crosses the border...

what you sow,so shall ya reap

May Sanity Prevail.

Anonymous said...

The crux NATO/EU [ Anglo-Zionist ] is to isolate, destabilize and wipe Russia off the map.

Anonymous said...

Poroshenko follows the script at brief ceremony attended by US Vice President Joe Biden and the new Russian Ambassador Mikhail Zurabov (Debkafile) -- now it is to be seen whether this is a double-double-cross and if so, of whom. The mendacity index must be screaming past the red-flashing-light stage by now. Only actions count now in this test of whose side 'history' will be on.

Petri Krohn said...

Quoting Crazy Ivan:
Mr. Poroshenko’s Middle Finger to Mr. Putin!

Just as I suspected – the South-Eastern Ukraine must lay down arms and there will be safety corridors to Russia for Russians, only those who do not have blood on their hands.

Does “Russians” refer to citizens of the Russian Federation or anyone who self-identifies as “Russian” by nationality? (= everyone in Donbass)

Sound very much like a replay of “Operation Storm” of 1995 to me!

Guru said...

Well, it would be naive to expect anything else from Poroshenko but to lick his masters boots. He will disappear down the drain of history as just another potroshenko.


Nora said...

Malcolm Donald commented on the last post that Capitalism is Fascism.

It is, it always was, right from the start (driving peasants off their land in the UK, the genocide against Native Americans, building a society based (cotton MADE us!) on enslaving millions. Then some documents with wonderful but empty words and millions of people coming here and building decent lives for themselves, but on an utterly rotten foundation. Okay, it was "only" people of color who bore the brunt -- until maybe after WWII when our true colors (and "adoption" of Nazis and Nazi methods) started showing. But we still bought all the myths.

No one who hasn't been bought or threatened can do that anymore. Not now. By their fruits shall ye know them. We have met the enemy and he is us.

Now what?

It's pretty obvious what lies ahead for Ukraine -- but what about us? What the hell do we do about this?

Anonymous said...

@Veritas, when you say taht Poroshenko should never have been at D Day me thinks you didn't see this

Anonymous said...

Putin Just ordered to tighten the border security, which is odd since Novorossiya now has some 150 kilometres fully under their control. Is he trying to slam the door on them like the Egypt to Gaza or what?

The Zionazi´s their, UN quislings and local clowns have made it clear in every way that they are going to impose a cold war on Russia no matter what, so i cant see what there is to achieve with this "Mr.Nice guy scenario", praising the Chocolate-Hitler while he insults you, the gas-thing and now this, other than to ridicule oneself. There is no isolation either way, BRICS and the rest of the free world will support Russia, the Anglo-Zionazi-axis will not. €USSR is deeply divided. England will do whatever Barack Banana and his white masters say, but im not sure Germany and France is suicidal enough (again) to do so.

Slaviansk is already Stalingrad 2.0 the massacres goes on and the zionazi´s clearly dont give a shit about what they consider untermenschen so yes, impose a NFZ and make what inevitably will happen, happen. If Novorossiya with a lot of help can liberate their territory by themselves fine, if not just get it over with and time will tell that Novorossiya definitely is a nicer place to be than the NATO protectorate Banderastan.


Maedhros said...

Quod Erat Demonstrandum !

Dominic Schmid said...

I too am disgusted by this. Poroshenko privately tells Putin he wants to find commmon ground between all sides, yet he tells the public the exact opposite. Maybe shutting off the gas would knock some sense into the EU leadership.

hardcore said...

"The Zionazi´s their, UN quislings and local clowns have made it clear in every way that they are going to impose a cold war on Russia no matter what"

Yes, of course but... may be the goal is to avoid a HOT war at least for a while and until the prospects of the confrontation look a bit better?
And none of us, armchair strategists, has the least modicum of truly critical information on this, do we?

elsi said...

Fort Apache program last edition, about the Ukraine, portraying Poroshenko...


lostinukr serguey said...

when you are a master of communication as Putin, you try to anticipate opinions.
I think he already knew the Poroshenko speech and "opinions". He said already about him " don't listen his words, just see his actions".
Then.. Nothing surprising today about his words.
He is following the USA/NATO dynamic, word by word. And Putin new this. And his short feedback after yesterday meeting, was only to show to " thinkers" how much Ukr gov is only a puppet's island.
I think is was some manipulative resume yesterday, to say good words about Poroshenko... giving some hope, then... reading the declaration of war today. I'm just not surprised. This is the game of manipulation, anticipating the narrative.
Second point I want to bring to your attention, is for whom who can observe at the soul level, what is happening in many leaders speech. They are "absent". They speak, they use words, but there is a full disconnection between the "human consciousness" and some " demoniac presence".
I invite you to hear Hollande president. He seems speaking as a virtual character, some 3D being, without "human soul" inside.
Since centuries, from Buddha, humanity had access to force of compassion and suffering. And many in this blog are connected to this stream.
Leaders are the obvious example of how you do compromise with the "beast".
Power doesn't make you bad...
Power, somehow, in our time, if you don't have heavy morale force, makes you Ahrimanic creature. Looking for power, serving destruction and fears.
Poroshenko is finally showing to the world, and I guess, European community, whom he is serving.
150 000 dead in Syrian.
How many in Ukr?
Putin now, probably played a nice coup. A coup in advance.

Anonymous said...

quote " followed by the Cold War v2 "
what cold war v2/ that cold war version 2 has been on since mid 90s only thew victim russia was delusional under traitors.
now hot wqar has been on since libyan attack in 2011 helped by traitor medvedev and lavrov.
that hot war that is world war 3 has been since 2011 and only victims russia and china do not know it.-still sleeping over the problem staring at their prioir plannign -still delusional talk and talk.

Pete said...

Various American politicians have been patronizing the Kiev regime people, assuring them of support. There was a story the other day that military advisors were also to be provided. Apparently they've decided to ramp things up and push for confrontation. The Kiev people must be feeling emboldened now with their new backers. The Americans are willing to fight to the last Ukrainian.
It's the 100th anniversary of WWI and again we have some of the same things happening, an aggressive move to the east and attempted annexation of territory. It's another disaster in the making if the leaders miscalculate as they did the last time around. I'm starting to become rather pessimistic about how this whole thing is going, thanks to the war-dog politicians we happen to have.

Mohamed said...

Guys what you expect the Chocolate King to say on his Inauguration Day. Remember, he is politician.

Best regards,


Lucky mcgriff said...

Sad day indeed!

Anonymous said...

"Soviet troops" you mean Russian troops

jo6pac said...

Not surprised, Amerika cycle-0-path neo-con win and Ukraine citizens lose

Observer said...

Take a break Saker.

Everything will work out, a political solution will materialize (in the end) and things will balance out in the end.

You're in a marathon, not a sprint, you keep pushing yourself like this and your health is going to get affected. If burn out (emotionally as well as physically), will that serve your cause?

It's undeniable that in the end, one way or the other, this will be resolved politically.

Anonymous said...

hardcore said...

Well... a pretty ominous beginning for Poroshenko!

Hot in Kiev, heat + stuffy uniform + standing at attention for God knows long.

Timing wasn't so good? :-@

Been there myself (on a steel deck rather than land)!

To the commentor about Operation Storm, maybe so but probably even worse. It implies the media silence on this.

Anyone in France? I need some advice...

Le Dahu

Anonymous said...

So does Putin still think Poroshehnko is OK?its Putin's move.
Putin and Russia have to move cautiously.
Saker are you really that surprised at Poroshenkos speech?,Im not in the least surprised.It was totally predictable.

Anonymous said...

I actually thought Poroshenko might be reasonable & capable of negotiating but it's crystal clear now he's the same as Yats, Turchinov, Tyanibok and all the other scumbags associated with this Junta. Still though, I pray Russia doesn't directly intervene. And there is no way Crimea is re-marrying that diseased Ukrainian whore. It's incredible that Poroshenko thinks it could happen. Is he that stupid or is he just talking tough?

Anonymous said...

the problem with Russia and china has been thier pathological belief on what the anglos tell them , which makes them not go for alliances to counter the anglos onslaught on russiana nd chinse interests.
take for example iran non delivery of s300 which was paid for. even during putin time it was deliberately being delayed and finally medvedev stopped it altogether. All the delaying tactics by putin and later medvedev was done to get membership in WTO which is angloc ontroled institution and Russia should not have joined it.
so Russia showed to the potential allies that it can be bribed with a few pieces of silver and is an unreliable ally.
the same thing happened when Iceland was in trouble-Russia could have helped Iceland with a few billions dollar worth of guarantee and gained reliable partner in north europe. but russia chose to be shopkpper at a wrong time.
These examples are many which show russia is very unprepared for the war which anglos have plotted for a long time
one more thing. you will know anglos are in toruble only when UNO chooses to intervene because UNO only intervenes to rescue anglos interests. Until that happens think that anglos are winning against russia and china and against world.
to remove this slavery world needs to unite under russia and china to kill anglos empire.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Putin may just have had his 'Neville Chamberlain' moment -- or he may have agreed on 'D-day' boundaries for the fight that is obviously required to work it out. With Hezbollah now in the Golan Heights facing off with Israeli 'Lebanese farms and fields' potentially putting an S-400 'no fly' zone over Tel Aviv it is far from certain how it will play out through direct force. My guess is anything goes sub-nuclear.

With guards 'fainting' at a Ukie-chocolate-king's ceremony; cars exploding in Kiev; and Charles Mason out on parole; we can only wonder at the evolutionary potential of the 'talking-ape'.

The question is: first move? My guess -- a new 'UN' Russian Crimean Peace Keeping Force (RCPKF) to the Golan Heights pointing S-400s in every direction for 'peace' AND a new non-UN Ukrainian Crimean Peace Keeping Force (UCPKF) to R2P in the land of "supporters of federalization" some call "Novorossiya". Complex? ... so is Putin's 'Mona Lisa' smile.

Basically: Porochenko has not declared war on Russia (yet), however, he has declared war on the break-away Ukrainian Republics of Crimea and Sevastopol. They now have every option open to them to meet Porochenko and his ratbag criminal fascist 'government' in the streets of Kiev. Perhaps its straight to the big naval guns in Sevastopol (would they reach Kiev?) -- or perhaps its first to R2P corridors in Novorossiva then onto the 'picnic' in Kiev with some new Novorossiyan friends? Military Industrial Complex Stock index just jumped to 'high growth' -- they're happy! Overstocked inventory? No problem! Oh, and apparently the great 'iron dome' did not stop some Hezbollah test rockets the other day on the Golan. The only certainty now is additional uncertainty.

Anonymous said...

"No state status for the Russian language"

As a Finn I very much understand hardline minority language policy. Over here the Swedish-speakers (5.5% of the population) have managed to lobby for Swedish to be a compulsory language in schools and universities. Reflect on the latter especially - how appropriate is it for a nuclear physicist to waste their time learning a language? In case you still don't get it, imagine a situation where welsh were compulsory for all university students in the UK. And not only university students - all public servants too. That's what we have in Finland and that's what they should want to avoid in the Ukraine.

Best wishes

Anonymous in Finland

Maedhros said...

when I wrote yesterday that the "crazies", as I called them, might well get what they want (a Russian military intervention) - I really meant it.

I cannot speak for others but, for what concerns me, that is the last thing I "want", not more than I'd "want" to shoot an armed robber assaulting my home and my family.

I have just pointed out the futility to cut a deal with gentlemen of that kind.

If I may give an advice to Russian people and officials: do not spare any effort to make everything coming out from Russia understandable to Western (above all European) public!
An army of translators must be hired and any video, any statement, anything, concerning this crisis must be made available (at least) in English.

European people will never support an open involvement of their Countries in Ukraine, above all "educated" people, otherwise abandoned to their media lies.
No war can be fought without public support, least of all one against someone who can actually fight back (unlike the precedent unilateral massacres by the D-Empire).

Penny said...

I am thinking the car bomb is a hoax, truly

Veritas said...

Dear The Saker,

Interesting article on D Day. I think it sums it up.



Afterthought said...

Remember that the West has opened up the Infinite Check Book for Kiev. Putin needs to take step-wise measure to signal that in the end, the full power of the Russian State will be used to counter violence against Russians.

Start with non-violent means: rhetoric, gas, media, legal maneuvers.

Then move to shrouded violence. Supplying Donbas, air to air combat (this is hard to turn into a CNN story like the "Syrian Gas" and 9/11), special forces.

Then move to formal military maneuvers.

Some will say this will bring crippling sanctions and possibly a military response from the West.

Sanctions are already guaranteed. Putin is Amalek to the New World Order. They want him gone and Russia broken.

The West may test Putin militarily, an outside chance. That is when Putin detonates a nuke in an unpopulated region to sober people up. If the West is so debauched that instead of using diplomacy for a reasonable world order they kill for the New World Order, WWIII may actually avoid a techno-tyranny worse than death (especially for Christians).

We are all paying now for the sin of allowing these anti-God psychopaths to take power in our name, and we will continue to pay. The question is not whether to fight, the question is can we save the patient while removing the cancer?

Larchmonter445 said...

There won't be boots on the ground.

Airspace and tanks are the main target for resistance. Putin will give them what they need.
So, he will send missiles and anti-tank weapons.

He will do training on the Russian side.

He will play with the UN for June while Russia is the chair.

Then, there is the Media War to convince the world of the war crimes of the neo-nazis.

The people have to send out photos and videos of the carnage and suffering. Putin needs to make sure there is satellite web service, wireless service in Donbass. Communication and streaming live will win the Media War.

Chocolate Man just signed his nation's termination notice.

Europe will splinter over this. France and Germany cannot afford a prolonged break with Russia.

This is an economic war. The West needs what Russia has. Ideologues pitch this as a battle of adversary ideologies. It is not. It is about natural resources and who gets to control them.

The Hegemon wants global control. The battle is now between Russia with China versus the Hegemon and its lackey nations.

Anonymous said...

JerseyJeffersonian says...

Well, that's it. That's a throwdown, it's on now. God help us all.

The "leadership" of Old Europe is a flock of castrated sheep led to the slaughter. Fuck 'em.

Anonymous said...

...and what exactly was he supposed to say? The phrases he uttered were exactly what the hyped-up, hysterical and delusional populace of rump Ukraine wanted to hear. Anything else, and he'd have another Maidan on his hands. Not that he won't have it anyway later, mind you...

The thing about the Ukie oligarch-politicians is that they always say what they think others want to hear. Then they go ahead and do what they want to do anyway, unless they're forcefully compelled to abide by their promises. And promises are cheap in Ukraine; everyone makes ten of them a day, and each of them contradicts the one made before. In fact, they don't even have to make sense at all, because no one plans to keep their word anyway. Just take a look at all the bull spewed by Ukies on the issue of gas deliveries/payments over the past years.

The real problem is that this applies just as fully to the Novorossiya leadership, since it crawled out of the same test tube as the various Poroshenkos/Kolomoiskys/Yanukovichs. Which, among other things, is why the "white officer" idealist Strelkov is forced to send troops to Donetsk on occassion instead of vice versa.


Veritas said...

Dear The Saker,

Came across this blogger who seems to be on the same wave length as sees the bigger picture. He seems to understand Putin'e chess moves:



elsi said...

Definitely this man has no respect for anything or anyone.

Making "selfies" at the Nelson Mandela´s funeral, his Nuland sending EU to the hell by telephone, chewing gum in D-Day celebrations...What more?

People of Europe! Is anyone there?

Anonymous said...

Anon Finn,

Then Russian should be the official language, and Ukrainian the one that isn't used. It is a dialect in the West. More seriously, the issue is that Switzerland shouldn't make Italian the only legal language; it would be ridiculous. In the case of the Ukraine, it is a declaration of war.

The Ukraine is a creation of the Communists that includes many different cultures, and is not like Finland at all.

elsi said...

Definitely this man has no respect for anything or anyone.

Making "selfies" at the Nelson Mandela´s funeral, his Nuland sending EU to the hell by telephone, chewing gum in D-Day celebrations...What more?

People of Europe! Is anyone there?

Larchmonter445 said...

DPR Supreme Council chairman’s aide killed in Donetsk downtown

A war of tit-for-tat assassinations.

The model for escalation is Serbia.
General Wesley Clark must be drooling to design the air strikes on Russia. And he's Hillary's #1 Military adviser.

American Russophile said...

Well, I suppose that that ass Poroshenko will never sell another bar of chocolate or another box of candy in Russia, which used to be the main market for his mediocre products. I never understood why people there bought his Roshen products instead of the far superior home grown Gorkunov and Babaevskiy chocolates, and likewise it is difficult to understand why Poroshenko cut his nose to spite his face, so to speak. Watching a short clip of the inauguration it was most interesting to see Biden and McCain there with wide grins on their faces, and they have reasons to be pleased indeed.
I do believe however that the divisions between the US and Western Europe could yet widen over sanctions and what will be viewed as overly aggressive policies towards Russia. That chapter is far from being closed and played out. And the greed of the Americanist elite knows no bounds as they clearly demonstrated by fining BNP Paris-Bas almost 11 billion Dollars. That is not going over well with the French and can only reinforce the position of the Front National which was already making substantial gains in the latest European elections. Greed and stupidity will accelerate the demise of the cabal in Washington and its allies in Europe.
Thank you Saker and God bless!
American Russophile

Anonymous said...

China just won the sweepstakes...

Anonymous said...

I can say I am an elephant but that does not make me so.

A great opportunity has not been lost but gained.

Anonymous said...

Does Poroshenko have any choice then to show defianc toward Russia to please the US and Europe, at least temporarily until he gets the financial help he needs?

Ultimately and it is obvious, Crimea will remain Russian, Ukraine will be a a bilingual country, and there will be a decentralization that would give more autonomy to the Eastern part of Ukraine.

All these pompous declaration is for public comsumption. No one seriously believe them

Michael Collins said...

disThe U.S. neocons are mercenaries working for the defense industry. The U.S. media is to a lesser extent but definitely working for the the interests behind U.S. intel since they're printing a script (Operation Mockingbird lives). Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich are out of politics. Paul Wellstone is dead. There are no institutional politicians in the U.S. who will perform the gadfly/conscience role.

However, the new Cold War is not going to work with the people and, every now and then, the people prevail as they did with the proposed attack Syria resolution (which would have lost in both House and Senate without any doubt).

We've got Jeb Bush versus Hillary Clinton in a duel of the political clans, each of which represents a faction of the financial elite.

"We have left undone those things which we ought to have done, And we have done those things which we ought not to have done."

However, one thing people in the U.S. have done is give up on these insand foreign adventures. Libya and Syria had and have no public support. Ukraine, to almost all, is simply strange. In 2013, 1/2 the people wanted out of NATO, 75% said no help for Israel if Israel attacked Iran - 75%.

Watch for a new political figure to capture this mood and turn it against the current set of losers.

People want jobs, health care, and attention to basics. This is the final pipe dream of the atavistic faction. If they don't get us all killed first, it will be their last gasp.

(btw, I'll bet Porochenko cut a deal and is just double dealing the U.S. and his people. He needs a viable country to steal more than he's currently making on candies, vice, etc.)

Anonymous said...

Two comments by Dimitri Rogozin within the last 24 hours.

W/out waiting up for the UN Security Council decision Slavyansk self defence forces declared a no-fly zone themselves Slavyansk Self Defence Forces Announced Shooting Down 3 Helicopters

I've never doubted the need to return the name to great Stalingrad Not for the sake of Stalin, but for the sake of Stalingrad's residents.
There's A Wish To Rename Volgograd Back To Stalingrad, Putin Doesn't Mind

Mikhail II said...

Just my luck. In early February, pre Sochi, when things still seemed normal, I booked and paid for a 12-day trip to Moscow, the Golden Ring, and St. Petersburg. After the coup I added universal trip insurance, supposed to cover anything, 8% extra. Small potatoes of course now, compared to the horrible events in Donetsk and Lugansk. But it seems less likely I’ll be going.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous in Finland"

You have a long history as Swedes that you can not deny, Swedish culture and Swedish traditions. If you go on and try to suppress the one´s that doesn't agree with your hard line, made up nationalistic agenda and fascist, neo-nazi way´s, you are in for big problem and you´r just like the banderites.

Tro mig, du kommer längre med två-språkighet.

Slow Moe said...

@Anonymous 4:16

Apples to oranges.

In Ukraine, Russian IS the majority language. Its at 85%, not 5% like Swedish in Finland.

Imagine if YOU had to lobby the swedes to make Finnish a secondary language when its the main language in the country. Thats how the Russian speakers are feeling.

Daruma Doll said...

I hope that I am wrong, but I think that Putin and Poroshenko will strike a deal

Putin is closing the Ukrainian border.

Poroshenko has said that he will order an opening of evacuation corridors for the militants withdrawal from Ukrainian territory.

The infiltration of the militants will decrease, the deliveries of weapons will cease.

Strelkov has said his men are outnumbered five to one and outgunned because they have no artillery, while Ukrainian troops use howitzers against Sloviansk.

It is just a matter of time, those who can flee to Russia will do this, while others will be hunted down and killed...

Anonymous said...

Already the have assasinated the Deputy Leader of the Donestk PR. That is is happening on the day of Poroshenko's swearing leave a sour taste in the mouth

Ilja Schmelzer said...

I wonder about the strange contradiction between the rather positive comments by Putin about their talk and this declaration of war.

Sounds like Paraschenko has told Putin something different. What?

Declarations are declarations. The question is what will be really done. One has to take into account that the Nazis are quite strong, and even if Paraschenko does not like them he cannot get rid of them in a very simple way.

One possibility: To give the heavy Nazis a short chance to win, and, once they don't win, to throw them away as losers. One the side of the military, remove the army from the front and let the fighting be done only by the right sector - which can be interpreted as a form of getting rid of the right sector forces, because nobody in Kiew has the power to take away their weapons. Instead, the DNR has such abilities.

And, after the right sector military is finished, one can think about a ceasefire, which, as usual for ceasefires, can become a de facto peace.

A hint in favour of something like this: The completely irreal character of the aims (getting the Crimea back, winning in very short time) puts him in a position where he cannot be considered a predator if he does not reach all his aims. How much he reaches in such a situation, is much less important. It may be almost nothing - but nobody will care much, attacking him from the right side for such a ceasefire would be hopeless, especially if the right sector has been reduced in its military power.

Man From Atlan said...

In other news, Ambassador Rice is offering lethal aid to the Syrian rebels.

Remember Hal Lindsey and The Worldwide Church Of God of Herbert W. Armstrong, the very influential British Israelism church? They predicted end times events leading to a Uited Europe, and war with Russia.

Some say the US is still influenced by this type of thinking.

So we move from a unipower to a multi-power bloc. Good.

Man From Atlan said...

Yes, the situation is sad. But, the Russians learned their lessons in Afghanistan and Chechnya, and it seems, the US still hasn't learned from Vietnam and a dozen other conflicts since then.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, you are right and I figure within the next 3 weeks or sooner, Russia will be forced to engage militarily. They have their red lines, too, but they don't broadcast them as canon ( no puns in that last sentence, honest). Bluster is not Putin's style.

Save the children.

Anonymous said...

Washington’s Iron Curtain in Ukraine:

Anonymous said...

One thing I haven't heard anyone mention, but seems very probable, is that it's not only the US that may be telling Poroshenko what to do. He also has the "Right Sector" thugs to worry about. Reports are appearing that the Right Sector has had "talks" with Poroshenko and that they are going to provide him with his own "army". I suppose this would be in order to provide "protection" -- including of course protection from themselves, mafia style. This is important to keep in mind because, if by any chance he was ever tempted to argue against the orders from the Americans, or hesitate in his treatment of the East, a simple-throat clearing noise by his protectors should be enough to clear his confusion.

“A spokesman for the Right Sector said live on a radio station: "We have held talks with the president and now he has his own army." On what legal grounds these "negotiations" are based is anyone's guess. "From tomorrow we start to help the president in the process of dissolution of the Supreme Rada [Parliament] - it will be dissolved".

Anonymous said...

Many under estimate the potential of the Donbass People's Militia.

(((((Study Hezbollah)))))

Anonymous said...

Do you want do die for them?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"No state status for the Russian language"

As a Finn I very much understand hardline minority language policy. Over here the Swedish-speakers (5.5% of the population) have managed to lobby for Swedish to be a compulsory language in schools and universities. Reflect on the latter especially - how appropriate is it for a nuclear physicist to waste their time learning a language? In case you still don't get it, imagine a situation where welsh were compulsory for all university students in the UK. And not only university students - all public servants too. That's what we have in Finland and that's what they should want to avoid in the Ukraine.

Best wishes

Anonymous in Finland

07 June, 2014 14:16

Russian and Ukrainian languages are like standard Italian and Veneto [ from Venice ] or like Croatian and Serbian.

mingulay29 said...

Thanks for your untiring efforts, Saker. I do not share your opinion that Russia will be forced to intervene. We can assume that the anti-Kiev brigades already have or soon will have the capability to knock out any incoming aircraft. Without the ability to inflict damage from the air, airlift in supplies and extract/replace troops an army operating in a hostile environment is in serious trouble (think Vietnam without Chinooks).
With anti-tank weapons, any land supply convoys can be similarly attacked. Add to this the extremely low morale of Ukrainian troops and you are left with an effective fighting force of officers and an unknown number of “National Guard” extremists.
The fact that the local population correctly view them as fascists can only help morale and boost recruitment both locally and from Russia – especially as the tide begins to turn as soon it must.

Anonymous said...

Calm your heart Mr. Saker

So, yesterday Mr. Poroshenko offered “positive talk” in Normandy with Mr. Putin’s reaction being we will see [if he delivers]. Today, the inaugural address was for domestic consumption. What has changed? NOTHING. Mr. Porosenko controls squat. The Empire’s junta is still in charge.

Do you think Crimea will be returned?
Do you think the Banderistas will concede?
Do you think Russia will be subordinated by a bankrupt Empire = US/NATO/EU?

Yes it’s a bankrupt Empire in search of confrontation.
The US prints $$ for Ukraine but nothing for bankrupt cities, BLS stats 37.2%: Not in Labor Force at 36-Year High

Let’s look ahead. Ukraine is where the US$ went to die. Still not a believer that the US$ is being cast aside? Follow the money…

The UK government has agreed to establish a yuan-clearing bank in London

This month Russia holds the presidency of the UNSC that allows setting the agenda
Take some time to read these:

Russia formally quits G8
“Peskov said Putin will not discuss Ukraine with President Barack Obama even though both will be meeting in Normandy on Friday.”
[.]Russian equities ignored the sanction threats today. The Market Vectors Russia (RSX) exchange traded fund settled 0.72% higher at $25.84 per share.[.]

On the heels of the monster $400 billion 30-year gas deal, now on the table is a
“Second natural gas pipeline to link Russia, China

AND 2 must read articles posted at
Tightening the U.S. Grip on Western Europe
Washington’s Iron Curtain in Ukraine

"NATO leaders are currently acting out a deliberate charade in Europe, designed to reconstruct an Iron Curtain between Russia and the West."

“The Enemy Within”
Beware of Kicking the Dragon and Bear!

"It is not prudent and it is not safe to stick an iron rod into a dragon’s mouth. Whatever they say in the West about dragons… but here in Asia, the dragon is revered as the greatest fabled creature on Earth and in the sky. The dragon is wise and patient, and it hardly ever uses force first.[.]

It is also thoroughly idiotic to go and start terrorizing a sleeping bear. It is obvious what would follow if one descended into a bear’s hole and then started poking a hibernating creature in the head. Nothing good would follow, nothing good at all.
But it appears that those who are ruling the Empire are not obsessed with prudence. They seem to be tired of tiny conflicts, [.]
The Empire needs a mortal fight with mighty opponents.
Instead of helping to build a decent and peaceful world, it needs to cover our planet with innumerable corpses.

This time, if it will be allowed to do it, like it was some 70 years ago, tens of millions, and maybe many more, will vanish.
Once again, it would have to be a dragon and a bear, this time in unison, facing fascism and fighting for the survival of the world."[.]

Imho, the 21st Century belongs to the BRIICS = Brazil, Russia, India Iran, China and South Africa.

Final link: BRICS News in Beijing on Friday, June 6, the Chinese President met Nikolai Patrushev, secretary of Russia’s Security CouncilRussia, China to jointly “tackle Threats”

Chill. In 3 months Mr. Winter arrives
Anon Mongoose

oscar said...

Hi Saker! I still think that the best is for Russia to stay out but I am aware that this at the end will be impossible and people from East/South do not deserve this. Ukraine is bankrupt they (Ukraine and the anglo-nazionists) want to blame some/anybody best shot (for them) is Russia of course. My impression still is that this Ukrainian experiment will collapse just wait and see.

Anonymous said...

Where's Putin? someone asked on Good Question. The Paper Tiger must be in his den.
But will fighr, must fight,wll be forced to fighth after being cornered as any rat will fighr back is such a situation. The relentless forces of Evil Empire will make him fight. The Full Spectrum Dominance and Drang nacht Osten will never stop. So, Mr. Putin you only postponing your fait. You won't play your small politics, your're not a leader of the world. You're a regional "power" as Barky told correctly.

Anonymous said...

"You have a long history as Swedes that you can not deny, Swedish culture and Swedish traditions."

▶ Complete nonsense.

I trust that Ukrainians won't be as stupid about the training of their nuclear physicists and public servants as we've been.

I can't imagine another nation as stupid in this area

Best wishes

Anonymous in Finland

Anonymous said...

The next step is the signing of free trade section of the association agreement between the Ukraine and EU. If and when that happens Russia will apply tariffs on Ukrainian imports. The Ukrainian economy will continue to sink.

Biswajit said...

"In case you still don't get it, imagine a situation where welsh were compulsory for all university students in the UK."

I am using strong language.

You fucking bastard. Ukraine was nothing before 1919. there was none u degenerate. and your analogy is no analogy at all, u fucking troll. U fucking Swedish who was " so called neutral during WWII. U fucking monarchist. U fucking brain dead.
You fucking swedish who was not so long ago " fucking so called neutral but nothing but a US bitch" and you dare to compare your fucking neo Nazi swedish and fiinish to russian asshole ignorant fool. Fucking Sweden is a nonenity if this World chess, a mere pawn at most To mighty King Russia and russians. You ignorant whore.. Do not utter a word further. Bloody idiot

Anonymous said...

I think everyone is way, way underestimating Putin. Way underestimating.

"“He [the president-elect] has a plan in this respect; it is up to him to say what kind of plan it is… he told me a couple of words about it,” the Russian leader said. “But it’s one thing to say it here in France and quite another thing to state that in his own country.”

Putin already knew the text of the inauguration address. Poroshenko should be very worried. He doesn't know who his friends are.

crazyivanreport said...

SOS from Strelkov !!!!!

Slaviansk in dire straits today.


Theodore Svedberg said...

Those are just words from Poroshenko. No one would expect him declare that Crimea was no longer part of Ukraine. To this day Georgia has not conceded S. Ossetia and Abkhasia, but we all know that they will never be part of Georgia.

We should wait a see what Poro's actions will be. Right now he has to put together a new government. If he wants to accomplish anything he will have to get rid of the Svoboda Party and Right Sector people. It is not clear how the neo-nazis will react to that development. One problem Poro has with calling an immediate cease fire is that all of the neo-nazi fighters in eastern Ukraine would return to Kiev. Now that could be a problem. If a peaceful and negotiated solution is his goal he has to worry about the reactions in western Ukraine as well as in the east.

C Stegiel said...

Russia does not wish a hot war with the West. The Russians do not want a proxy war but that is thrust on them. To appease the fascist West and build a sttonger Russia by avoiding hot war by any means necessary entails geostrategic decisions that could see the death of thousands. The West insists this is the minimal death toll for they reckon profits in megadeaths.

Biswajit said...

As a Finn I very much understand hardline minority language policy. Over here the Swedish-speakers (5.5% of the population)

I am sorry. I thought u to be a swede. But I was wrong. I am sorry again. But, to remind u Do not try to raise ur fang. Do u wish another winter war and ur border re designated/squeezed? Be what you are. Do not jump US vassal else you might be having frostbite sooner as you are 100% gas dependent and/or obliterated. Kindly keep your cool and be an observer please> it does not concern you at this moment.

With regards..

Anonymous said...

"It is a dialect in the West."

I think Ukrainian is actually classified as its own language. Over 80% of Ukrainians use it as their first language. Russian is a regional minority language in Ukraine. It should have official status as a regional minority language, not as a national language.

Best wishes

Anonymous in Finland

Forever 28 said...

A couple of thoughts;

1. On the contrary to many commentators' view, EU is fully supporting the effort to cripple Russia. Look at history, how many of them have tried on their own. They did unite with Russia to fight in WWII only because their own interest were in danger. Then, how about now?
. Putin and his Russia's goal currently is to win the EU leaders will not work. They should know it. But they had to try it. They should know better that the best American weapon in Europe is EU while Japan in Asia. That's all the current tension in Asia about.
2. Their another goal is to win European General public by restraining their act while showing their holding higher moral ground. Will it work? Through history, not many Europeans have been particularly fond of them. Shutting off gas certainly will make general European public suffer.
3. No matter how nice of a boy Russia is playing now will not change the plot to wipe them off if such plot exists. It can probably help them amass some but limited support ( at this point, non-hostility is support for them.). Czech and Slovakia's stance attest to it.

4. I doubt US and EU are willing to clash with Russia directly. Instead, an agent war is most likely.
5. Russian intervention in E. Ukr. or not, either way bears its risk for them.

solerso said...

I agree. At last, its time to admit, Russian intervention will have to be. I suggest it would be wise for Russia to not stop at Novorosia but take back about 85% of Ukraine including Kiev. leave the western-most regions as a rump state, driving its rabid Russophobe pro US populations into a garbage can.

Anonymous said...

New neocon bill: designed to protect Ukraine or to promote business interests of US fracking firms?
Read more:

Anonymous said...

New neocon bill: designed to protect Ukraine or to promote business interests of US fracking firms?
Read more:

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous in Finland

Ukrainian, unlike Russian is lacking vocabulary for technical topics (many Russian tech words are actually 'borrowed' from English and other languages.) It used to be that one could purchace for very cheap Ukrainian military maps as they were actively de-Russifying everything they could.


Anonymous said...


You might need to cool down a bit. I was just reporting on minority language policy over here in Finland and entertaining the possibility that Ukrainians would be a bit smarter than us. That's not really too much to ask is it?

Where do you come from Biswajit?

CubuCoko said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one seeing that the Imperial behavior follows the pattern established by wars against the Serbs (1991-present); after 15 years of watching for it, it becomes an occupational hazard to see it everywhere (even if it may not be so).

Here's a thought I haven't seen anyone mention, though. Could the junta be dumb enough to actually try and assault Crimea? Because that would then be a proper casus belli, it being sovereign Russian territory. And no amount of propaganda in the world could spin it otherwise.

America is the Fourth Reich said...

Though they will never admit it, Americans believe they have a God-given right to rule the world.

Like the Zionists who believe Jews are God's Chosen People, Americanists think that the United States is God's Chosen Empire.

Thus, Americans dutifully spew patriotic propaganda that they are the "Beacon of Liberty" and "Land of the Free," which are really just legitimizing deceptions for America's global yoke.

THIS warped American Mentality is the underlying problem, and why the American Empire is a preeminent threat to peace.

Key to America's world dominance ambitions is to neutralize all nations that are obstacles to America's unipolar rule of the planet.

This includes not only Russia but China as well. Hence, you see America's "Pivot to Asia" which in fact is an anti-China policy based upon playing Asian nations against China--analogous to how America is playing its Eastern European satraps against Russia.

Similar examples of America's Machiavellian geopolitical ambitions are found in the Middle East where the USA is desperate to weaken or destory Iran and Syria (and Hisbollah) by playing the Sunni states against these Shiites nations.

The United Snakes of America wants to Americanize the world OR ELSE.

As a result, America is driving the world towards World War 3 and a possible nuclear Armageddon.

Anonymous said...


Carnival in Rio de Janeiro have much green confetti.
U.S. $ will be chopped into pellets.
In China dragons are green, it's cheaper than that red cellophane;
India burn as insenço;
Russia will serve to ignite and fire,
In South Africa, to wipe your ass.

( by Proftel)

Anonymous said...

Given that there is a lot of ignorance (and stupidity; I have translated the very emotional
article by Juan into French, and added extra info and vids from Les Crises.

Work in progress so any useful comments welcomed (on the Dahu blog)

Yours aye

Le Dahu

Anonymous said...

crazyiivanreport @17:28

The junta death squads are attacking Artemivsk, the town next to the salt mine containing the enormous cache of weapons.

Anonymous said...

Roshen chocolates come in well designed colourful boxes, the plastic in-tray having plenty of spaces to access the chocolates, which for some unfathomable reason makes the box bigger.

The chocolates themselves typically have less cocoa solids than the opposition, and appear cheaper for the same weight.

There is a current case against Roshen in Russia.

I always prefered Krasni Oktabyr or the bar with the ballerina.

Anonymous said... This is an interesting article on economic warfare from a Pro European-US think tank. I don't think the leaders in Europe want to allow the horseman of war from the U.S. its heedless rush. When the pedal hits the metal this mindset becomes irrelevant, however. They want to stay fat and rich and cozy and safe. Fools, all!

Anonymous said...

I agree with those who say Russia should not stop their intervention at the Donbass, why not go all the way to Odessa? There is a silent anger outside Donetsk and Lugansk where local cities have been swamped by Right Sector "defence" units. Thus, it is difficult for them to truly speak out without the fears of some form of punishment. In the case of Odessa, the lack of investigation into the events of May 2 has meant many locals are now resorting to vigilante tactics to gain some justice for their victims.

Judging by the above results of the Pew poll, my assumption that Ukrainians had now been united due to the Crimean Crisis was unfounded. 45% of respondents of the east and south recognise these results while 25% in these regions don't. What does this say? Well, the Crimean annexation was the most extreme example of the outright rejection of Ukraine as a country. To think 45% in the south+east agree with this is a good reflection of their hopes (perhaps the wanting of a green men style takeover). I almost forgot, the Pew poll is American... so if the doublespeak Washington poll says almost a half in south+east Ukraine support Crimea's reunfification, imagine how high the true number is!

Now, take a look at this turnout map for Ukraine's 2014 election...

Odessa and Kharkov had turnouts of about 47& and 49% respectively. If this is the case, then these regions clearly see no hope in beautiful Ukraine for much longer.

Anonymous said...

Mr Finn,

While I well understand the potential negative issues of designating additional official languages, in this case they don't apply. Ukrainian is an invented language based on the dialect spoken in rural western Ukraine. Nothing wrong with that, but Russian is understood by >95% of the population so it is not really a 'minority' language. Until Ukrainian began to be taught in schools following independence it was not widely spoken. When it was introduced in 1991 it did not have sufficient vocabulary to function in business, academic, or governmental applications so there has been a wealth of new vocabulary added to enable this. It's designation as the only official language of Ukraine is a cheap and divisive political act that has very little practical utility and is all about promoting the nationalist agenda of a small but powerful minority and it should be viewed for what it is.

the pessimist

Anonymous said...

Bombing of Libya was start of world war III, the talk has been there for a while, only know I started to understand it. By letting west bombing Libya, the war now has brought to Russia and China's door step. The $400 B gas deal now looks more and more than that every day, a strategic alliance as Saker stated before.

There is no where to hide any more but push back. It will be too late when war reaches Moscow. Do not allow this to grew any more than you have. Their goal is to create chaos in Russia. If that were to happen, look at Chinese 100 year experience after opium war as your template. Wars, war lords, and extreme poverty and suffering. Whatever cost for actions you take now will be dwarfed by what could happen in a few years down the road.

вот так said...

Strelkov on "Cossacks" (Saker might like this):

Игорь Стрелков о казаках (Igor Strelkov of the Cossacks) (trans)

""Cossacks: in our militia is Cossacks and quite a lot of them. But! There is no "pure Cossack" or units. Because as soon as something is formed in conditions of irregular war, more recently, disciplined and efficient soldiers instantly turn into a group of robbers and cowards.

What is the reason? Yes with the psychology of a "exclusivity": "kazakouski" warrior no reason, no reason begins to consider himself "something higher than all the other". And since it is "above", and "valuable" and requires "special approach". That is to dig trenches he can't - he ' Cossack warrior". The trenches must dig someone else. and if not, then under fire/attack it ("Cossack warrior") must first "to protect ourselves for the future", and position you can throw - not too bad.

But if we throw something that dwell on the details? And it turns out that red Estuary easy reach of Anthracite.
The cure for "Cossack disease" only one thing: to ask the Cossacks exactly the same as all, despite the ambition stripes and statements "and I Kazak! I fought!“ And to be able to take "the nail" those who do not want to perceive realities.

The only problem is that when "the Cossacks" going too much, they become aggressive and uncontrollable. And turn into a gang "batko angel."

Crossvader said...

Poroshenko is the best friend Novorossiia could have. "No talks" means its continued existence, and even strengthening.

Ukraine cannot possibly win this conflict.
It simply has no money to keep this campaign going for more than 3 months.

Every time a man who must compromize, takes an uncompromizing position, he loses.

Crossvader said...

It's time for Putin to travel to Tehran and deliver a modest, unassuming speech that will shake the world.
In it he should say that Russia will never participate in any sanctions not approved by the UN, that Russia views Iran as a strategic partner and an ally, and that Iran is welcome to become a member of any Eurasian grouping, be that EAEU or ODKB, at any time it chooses.
Then he should take a week-long break from answering non-stop calls from Washington, and let Russian guns do all the talking, in Novorossiia.

вот так said...

The zionazi bum bandits continue to target the independent leadership:

В центре Донецка убит Максим Петрухин — помощник председателя Верховного совета ДНР Дениса Пушилина (In the centre of Donetsk killed Maxim Petrukhin - assistant to the Chairman of the Supreme Council DND Denis Putilina) (trans)

"Unknown fired at the car of the Chairman of the Parliament of the Donetsk national Republic Denis Pushilin. His assistant who was in the car, died, reports the press service of DND. The chair of the Supreme Soviet at that time was located in the administrative building.

The incident happened in the center of Donetsk. According to witnesses the assassination, the car was shot at from automatic weapons. The attackers fired at the car in about 15 shots, and then disappeared from the scene.

Lost Maxim Petrukhin was a Deputy of the Parliament of the self-proclaimed Republic. He was engaged in the organization of humanitarian aid to the population of Slavyansk and Kramatorsk.

Recall that Denis Pushilin after the proclamation of April 7, Donetsk national Republic became one of its leaders. on may 15 at the session of people's Council of the Republic, he was elected speaker of the Supreme Council of the Parliament of the self-proclaimed DND. Pushilin is involved in the sanctions list of the European Union. He banned entry to the EU and its assets, if such are detected in European banks, subject to freezing."

Leandro Lapa said...

Dear Saker,
There may not be glory in war, but I think there won´t be a lot of glory for Novorossia living under opression either. The truth is that the ukrainian-nationalist and anglo-saxon atrategical radicalization has created a lose-lose situation. I hope Russia defends the Donbas, and in the most moderate and bloodless way possible. Even thought one must recognize that such an option has grievous consequences also.
Warm greetings from Rio, Brasil.

Nora said...


"The Americans are willing to fight to the last Ukrainian."

Says it all, doesn't it. Any which way you look at it.

I do think Poroshenko ultimatedly stepped in it though. Look ahead: his chances of success are approximately nil, for whatever definition of success you may choose. Right now he's following the Empire's party line: So. Did. Saddam. Hussein. He was a useful tool when we set him in office and then later, fighting Iran, remember? Then he outlived his original purpose, we got a whole new set of goals, and he became useful once more, as a demon to destroy. Once a leader sells his soul to us, *he* may think he's sitting pretty but, ahem, it's always a Faustian deal. So he'll be useful to us in this role until either someone else is more useful, or we'll demonize and destroy him also, whichever is more convenient.

On the other hand, what do you think would happen if he decided (ha ha) to negociate re: Novorossiya -- on anying? Who would kill him first, us or Pravy Sektor?

I.e., in the end he'll get what he's got coming: one way or another, justice will be served in his case. Not so the utterly innocent citizens of Novorossiya.

Anonymous 14:07

Manson is not out on parole. It was a hoax. The timing was interesting though.


"Definitely this man has no respect for anything or anyone.

Making "selfies" at the Nelson Mandela´s funeral, his Nuland sending EU to the hell by telephone, chewing gum in D-Day celebrations...What more?"

Please don't tempt the fates! Quite frankly, his "red line" throwaway comment about Syria was shocking.

He. Just. Doesn't. Care.

OldSkeptic said...

Predictable. Poroshenko is just reading from the script he has been handed.

So many of you don't get it yet. The US wants a showdown with Russia. It believes it's own PR hype about oil/gas fracking and it's anti-missile defence systems.

It believes that the biggest oil and gas producers in the world can be cut off from world markets with no impact (at least to itself).

It believes it can win a nuclear war.

So it is not going to back down, this is it...

NATO troops will be in the Ukraine (for an 'exercise') in July and I'll bet they will never leave.

And it wont be long until those same troops will be used against the eastern Ukrainians (through some pretext, false flag, whatever).

Hold onto your hats folks it is going to be a wild ride.....but on the plus side all the dust and smoke in the air after a nuclear exchange will cool the earth down...

. said...

@Anonymous in Finland

Your country is an appendix to Sweden, always was and always will be. If not for Sweden you'd be a province of Russia and your beloved laguage would not be spoken at all in any official capacity. Thank your lucky stars your parent country is as benevolent as it is, and keep up your swedish language skills since you may come to need them one day.

Anonymous in Sweden

Daniel Rich said...

@ Nora,

Q: It's pretty obvious what lies ahead for Ukraine -- but what about us? What the hell do we do about this?

R: One doesn't fight a tumor with band aids. You unseeth your Bowie knife and cut and rip the damned thing out. The DC cesspool has to be drained and cleared of anything that corrupts it... Ahhhhh, yah, money... $$$...

The only solution [imo] wold be to go back to small communities, so I know my money will help to see Grams around the corner get through the winter and check in on her to make sure she doesn't need anything.

The old adage is 'divide and rule.' Look around you, does it still work or not?

I know you would help me out and you know I would help you out... why can't we enlarge this mutual knowledge so all can live in peace?

OldSkeptic said...

I'll, and this makes a lot of people uncomfortable.

The US totally owns the UK/EU national security (intelligence, counter intelligence, etc) organisations, the military and the top politicians.

They also own a fair proportion of the economic elites.

In all cases their first allegiance is to the US, not their own countries.

So they will totally sell out and make decisions that are totally at odds with their own national security and economic needs.

So don't be surprised when the EU sanctions Russia and cuts off gas supplies. If you live there, buy warm clothing now... it's going to be a cold winter...well that is until it gets very, very, very hot.

Anonymous said...

US Impose Sanctions on Contractor for South Stream Project in Bulgaria

Never ending bullying.

Anonymous said...


Well at least after Poroshenk's "inauguration"(/installation?), there is one thing that the Kremlin can do in the really short term. They can issue an ultimatum to Poroshenko to stop the use of heavy weaponry in Novorussia.

If he does not they should then freeze all his assets in Russia and announce that they will liquidate any necessary in order to provide for the Novorussian refugees displaced by his (they are now) war crimes, and for Novorussian reconstruction.

As you've mentioned before, they should publish the names of all Ukie military officers involved in the actions, and state that they will bring war crimes charges against them. If Russia subsequently captures any of them they should make good on their promise and ask China to conduct the trials, since it would be pointless handing them over to the Hague, the Dutch Government would release them straight away under orders from the Fourth Reich.

If the EU imposes sanctions for Russian actions, Russia should take them to the WTO court, and then cut off the gas supply. I'm sure China would be happy to have some of it, they've already intimated that they want more than the initial deal.

Daniel Rich said...

If body language is anything to go by, what does one make of the Merkel/Putin angle?'

Any thoughts?

Crossvader said...

Another development worth noticing is Russia's re-engagement with North Korea. Couple days ago two countries agreed to conduct mutual trade in roubles.
I believe, Russians will ask North Koreans to supply them with spare parts and components for their military products, the ones that are at constant risk of disruption due to their Ukrainian origins.
North Koreans, who produce vast array of armaments, are more than capable of replicating any item that Russians will want them to, and will ensure supplies at better price and, possibly, better quality.
Win-win for Russia and NK, giant loss for Ukraine.

вот так said...

Interesting interview with Pavel Gubarev.

Многие спорят о том, надо ли делить бывшую Украину или можно оставить, уничтожив бандеро-фашизм? (Many argue about whether it is necessary to divide the former Ukraine or you can leave, destroying bandero-fascism?) (trans)

"Organize a series of questions and I will periodically to respond to the most urgent and widespread.

I want to state the following:

1. I'm not part of the government and are not official in DND.
2. We, people's militia of Donbass, recruit and send militias in the hero-city of Slavyansk. And collect and deliver assistance there.
3. We, the cap "Party new Russia", create and bear to the masses the idea of creating an independent Federal state of Novorossia, democracy and social justice.

Many argue about whether it is necessary to divide the former Ukraine or you can leave, destroying bandero-fascism?

My answer is that Ukraine should be divided into Federal Novorossia and the Federal Ukraine. Because most of the residents of the West and centre of the former Ukrainian wish the European future, and South and East - see their future with Russia. And this split is based and civilizational, cultural, ethnic, and eventually economic components. In his same basis of today's event in Donbas is the clash of the civilizations of the West and Russian civilization. So the only logically consistent form of existence of the population of the former Ukraine is its division into at least two parts: the new Russia and Ukraine.

Question: Mr. Pavel, could you clarify once and for all the question on your connection (or lack thereof) with the RNU. The thing is that too many people fear that you are a supporter of such national-radicals that and PS, but Russian orientation. Thank you.

Answer: I really in his youth was in motion Russian National Unity (A. Barkashov). But that was 12 years ago and I was young and hot. Thank this organization for the military training in the army of Ukraine such do not give. Call themselves Russian nationalist, but with the caveat that a real Russian nationalism is not ethnic, but a spiritual, human. The my views on this day it is better to call national patriotism with left-centrist bias. Ukrainians and Russians are one people, just some Ukrainians forgot about it. The national-radical I am not.

Question: Shooters complains that little replenishment gets it. Tell me approximately how many people you may have sent over the last couple of weeks? At least approximately? Thank you

Answer: With sending militias last week had problems with what to tell yet... Now was adjusted share - today has sent 23 people and humanitarian aid. Tomorrow will ship to 50 people."

Anonymous said...

Let's talk about populations.
Governments have given the inherent rapid response media as hosts.
Populations are not accommodated until they feel the flesh.
Hence, the response can be rapid as in Switzerland or Israel or slow as in Latin America or Africa.
Rest assured, the response of the population comes.
Tarda but not failure.
And it is most often violent.
When it occurs, gentlemen and ladies, no Government to resist.
Maybe that's why several institutions in the U.S. are buying insane amounts of ordnance, they know that shit is near the fan blades.
He is turning and people are in a pressure cooker without a safety valve.
As the Saker alert frequently, Ukraine's population is apathetic, Putin will not stick your hand in a hornet's nest who does not flinch, does not defend himself.
Does not distribute so as lethal weapons do not give pearls to pigs.
Only NATO does.
Sensible people do not.
Populations can accommodate as happened in Latin America in Coups in Chile, Brazil, Argentina and others, that time had dispersed population, there was no internet and all insertion there today.
Populations can be accommodated by historical factors such as in South Africa, but as we see, things can change.
In the 70s where he spent his summer vacation at my uncle (Austrian, my mother's brother) at the shipyard.
In a conversation about religion, he said thus: - Look nephew, every season has its God and builds temples, was formerly the church with ornate temples, today's "God" are banks; note well the size of the parent banks.
Each population deserves what does.
If the U.S. has over 180 bases distributed around the world (which is in fact the military power of their money), their population is not innocent.
I have a dream that still may be able to see in this life:
U.S. troops coming home swimming or hitchhiking.
It would be really cool to see this on TV!

(by Proftel)

Demian said...

@Anonymous in Finland:

You are full of shit.

83% of Ukrainians prefer Russian over Ukrainian.

Not having Russian be a second official language is just another expression of Ukrainian fascism.

Celabelle DeCadix said...

Now I'm getting really scared: just watched a snippet about Ukraine on Fox News today 6-7-14 around 1:45 pm California time, and the "expert" interviewed about the situation said things like: "The Russians attacked ..." "Let's see if Putin will accept a cease-fire ..." "Putin is a thug." So am I dreaming or what? The rhetoric is like we are *already* at war with Russia. It's a done deal.

I am so upset and incensed and very, very sad. And scared.

I'm praying, please let it be not so. Please deliver us from this folly.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Saker, Bears repeating. Calm your heart.
Thank you for your insights. Your blog’s focus is on the military aspect of the nearing all-out Civil War in the Ukraine. However, the larger war is economic. Some will posit economic collapse is followed by war replete with atrocities.

In my post up-thread I stated the Ukraine is where the US$ went to die. As it unfolds, international trade priced in US$ is no longer a given. “It is long term with grave implications for the US economy.”

Keep an eye on the money because the winner is already declared. In unison, it’s China and Russia.

Over at Zerohedge today: 90% of Gazprom Clients Have De-Dollarized, Will Transact in Euro & Renminbi

Following Obama and Putin's "caught on tape" meeting Vine'd by the French President, we can't help but wonder if the Russian leaders comments were something akin to "this is not over yet." With "De-Dollarization" efforts already broadly under discussion, ITAR-TASS reports that Gazprom had signed additional agreements for clients to switch from dollars to euros and renminbi, "nine of ten consumer had agreed to switch."
As we concluded previously,
And as we have explained repeatedly in the past, the further the west antagonizes Russia, and the more economic sanctions it lobs at it, the more Russia will be forced away from a USD-denominated trading system and into one which faces China and India.”

And, more critical it is on the home turf Renminbi use surges in home of US dollar –fast displacing greenback in US home market sign-in required

“It is the monetary equivalent of what Chairman Mao called “bombarding the headquarters”. China’s renminbi is rapidly displacing the US dollar as a trading currency not only in Asia and Europe but now also in the US home market.
The value of renminbi payments between the US and the rest of the world rose by 327 per cent in April this year from the same month a year ago (see chart) as more US corporations switched to using the Chinese currency to pay for imports from China, according to data from SWIFT, the international currency settlement firm.

The reasons driving the upsurge are structural and long-term, said Debra Lodge, a managing director at HSBC in New York.
First, US importers can slash the cost of imports from China by agreeing to trade in renminbi rather than US dollars, Lodge said. Second, a recent surge in the popularity of a host of renminbi-denominated financial market instruments are making it easier for US corporates both to hedge currency risk and to earn an investment return from the renminbi they hold.

Be patient.
Anon Mongoose

Anonymous said...

Anonymous in Finland:

The Swedish speaking minority n Finland is 5,4 % of the population, but the Swedish language is the second official language of Finland.Not regional, national.
Why not the language of 18% of the population cannot have the same national status in Ukraine?


Crossvader said...


I disagree about the West wanting the new Cold War. I just don't see how it could be possible.
The West would love to backpedal on Ukraine, but it simply cannot do so without admitting defeat and losing face. So, it's stuck.

The new Cold War is the war that the West cannot possibly win. It didn't even win the first edition. The Soviets have destroyed their own country by their own stupidity and naivety. The West couldn't believe its own luck until Soviets were done ruining themselves.

Putin holds all the aces here. He just needs to aquire a bit more menacing posture, and start applying a real economic pressure - and a stench of soiled adult diapers emanating from Brussels will reach all the way to Moscow.

Ukraine is a geopolitical disaster for the West. By messing with China and Russia simultaneously, it already lost Mongolia and Central Asia - a monumental setback in resourse-scarce world.
If Russia and China can fasten Iran to their fledgling alliance, then Ukraine will become the West's diplomatic Waterloo, and a textbook example of hubris and failure.

Anonymous said...

Banner for latest new from Ukraine on Rt is gone

Andrew said...

Anon in Finland:

I think Ukrainian is actually classified as its own language. Over 80% of Ukrainians use it as their first language. Russian is a regional minority language in Ukraine. It should have official status as a regional minority language, not as a national language.

These are the languages spoken at home in Ukraine and Crimea:

Russian - 47.5%
Surzhyk - 11.8% (Surzhyk is a Russian/Ukrainian mix)
Ukrainian - 40.7%

But half the Ukrainian speakers are in Galacia and Volyn, and almost no Russian speakers. So if you look at the rest of Ukraine and Crimea outside the west, you see the following:

Russian - 58.9%
Surzhyk - 14.1%
Ukrainian - 27.0%

In Novorossiya its:

Russian - 84.6%
Surzhyk - 10.9%
Ukrainian - 4.4%

Just because people say something is their native language or mother tongue doesn't mean its what they use in day to day life. Ukrainians like to think of themselves as such even if they don't actually use the language.

As far as it being a language, its a language in West Ukraine, where it is essentially a very heavily Polonized form of Russian. As you move east, the Polish loanwords and grammatical structure drops off and Russian loanwords and grammtical structure pick up, creating Surzhyk. And in any case as you move east, most people simply use Russian. More telling is that most mass media and culture in Ukraine is in Russian, and when you go into stores in most of Ukraine to shop, people greet you in Russian.

What is far more interesting is that up until around 100 years ago, people all over Ukraine said they spoke Rusyn and called themselves Russkij. People in Russia said they spoke Rossian and called themselves Rosskij. This is like people in Germany saying they are and speak Deutsch and people in Netherlands saying they are and speak Deitsch. They are one people divided by a border. In reality, there is a very high degree of mutual intelligibility across all East Slavic languages, and the differences primarily come from outside influences like Polish, Romanian, and Tatar.

Andrew said...

"Banner for latest new from Ukraine on Rt is gone"

The page is still there, just no banner. Bookmark this.

Л. said...

Anonymous in Finland wrote:
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>As a Finn I very much understand hardline minority language policy.Over here the Swedish-speakers (5.5% of the population) have managed to lobby for Swedish to be a compulsory language in schools and universities. Reflect on the latter especially - how appropriate is it for a nuclear physicist to waste their time learning a language? In case you still don't get it, imagine a situation where welsh were compulsory for all university students in the UK. And not only university students - all public servants too. That's what we have in Finland and that's what they should want to avoid in the Ukraine.

The irony here is that the minority language in UKR is Ukrainian. Though they don't want to admit it, for political or sentimental reasons, most Ukrainians prefer Russian. And those who do speak Ukrainian do not speak it properly. My friend from Volin, who is very pro-EU and very anti-Russian, admits that hardly anybody speaks proper Ukrainian. Having to learn the Ukrainian language is the imposition, not learning the Russian.

Celabelle DeCadix said...

And now I'm wondering about an option no one seems to consider: what if the separatists actually laid their arms down?

Isn't that what the Anglo/Zionists would fear the most?

Anonymous said...

вот так :

Você falou sobre cossacos... .
Temos alguns do tipo aqui no Brasil, no Rio Grande do Sul (Estado - fica na divisa com Uruguai e Argentina).
Ouça uma música:


(by Proftel)

Leolo Lazone said...

Putin seeming to want to cooperate with Porkoshenko in Normandy was a skillful chess move I think. This must have infuriated both Obomba and his Bots on the one hand and the Kiev neo-Nazis on the other. Porkoshenko "might should" ( as they say in some parts of the US south) watch his back. He may really want to negotiate with Russia (for several reasons, including continuing to sell his chocolate in Russia), but the CIA and the neo-Nazi freaks in Kiev may off the pudgy chocolate bunny if he does (ding dong, another wicked witch is dead, and I would not mourn). So, I don't think he had a choice about the content of his inauguration speech. He may or may not be able or willing to deviate from the moves dictated by his US and Kiev puppet masters.

Inna Kukurudza, presente.
3 days ago - Uploaded by Fedor Slava
Le 2 juin 2014, une frappe aérienne de l'armé Ukrainienne sur la ville de Lugansk a fait 8 morts ...

Gleb Bazov said...

IMPORTANT - Igor Strelkov (Girkin) gave a new interview to Lifenews. Strelkov, as you may know, is Donbass Commander In Chief and Commander of Slavyansk garrison, a key figure in the uprising.

The interview is in Russian, you can find it here:

I have taken the liberty to prepare an English-language transcript of Strelkov's interview. You can find it here:

Strelkov's interview is critical to understanding the potential impact of a continuing slow-burning civil war conflict in Donbass. He summed it best himself: "Humanitarian Catastrophe of a Regional, if Not World Dimension."

I hope it is of use to you. As I have recommended to my audience, the interview should be made public and introduced to mass media, as possible.

We are in the process of preparing English subtitles for the youtube video. I will post once ready.

Kind thanks and regards,

Gleb Bazov (Canada)

Twitter: @gbazov

Nora said...

Daniel Rich,

I absolutely agree.

But how? Our state governments are bigger cesspools than D.C. -- every bit as corrupt and maybe even stupider.

It's always easy to see solutions, or at least optimal ways of doing things. But the problem is always getting there from here. This whole country needs to be roto-rooted, at the very least, but We The People are too busy fighting amongst ourselves (really, just endlessly putting each other down, and sometimes with good reason, but still...) to even get around to finding the totally new kinds of leaders who, you know, Won't. Sell. Us. Out. and Will. Vote. For. Genuine. Things. That. Genuinely. Can. Solve. Our. Structural. Problems.

I don't see much chance of that happening soon enough to matter -- and Lordy, do I hope I'm wrong!

America is the Fourth Reich,

But Americans *do* believe we have not just a God-given right, but a divinely imposed obligation to "help" the rest of you become as elevated, if not as exceptional, as we are. (choke). It's just an unthinking (hey, we're Americans) that has been carefully-cultivated by our oligarchical leaders since the first colonists set foot on these shores. City on the Hill, we were -- Beacon of Democracy, Leader of the Free World, World's Greatest Hegemon. Ad nauseum. But it's not the attitude, shared as it is by most Americans most everywhere, that is the problem -- it's the fact that these exceptional beings are so incurious and uncaring and busy leading their own lives that it's nigh unto impossible to get them to think about *anything*, much less begin to recognize that their unchallenged and outrageously erroneous assumptions are leading directly to the misery and deaths of millions and may end up making the entire planet glow in the dark.

Paul Cockshott said...

A Finnish strategist looks at Russia’s Information War

By Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. on June 06, 2014

An Invisible Red Army
Putin has one asset that Stalin didn’t: cyberspace. “Russia is much more powerful and more skillful in the cyber arena than we know here in the western world,” said Jarno Limnell, a former Finnish military officer who’s now director of cybersecurity for Intel Security (formerly the independent firm McAfee). While their campaign against Ukraine has kept a lower profile than the so-called “cyber war” against Estonia in 2007, they’ve been “much more active” that most people realize, Limnell told me over coffee during a recent visit to Washington.
Consider the “Snake” spyware program found a few months ago in Ukrainian government systems. According to a BAE study, Snake, aka “Turla,” has hit Ukraine more than any other country, with attacks increasing 14-fold since 2010. (Incidentally, the second most-targeted country is Lithuania, Estonia's other Baltic neighbor). No one can prove Snake comes from Russia, but the match-up between the malware’s target list and the Kremlin’s is awfully suggestive — as is the fact that no Russian system has ever reported being compromised by Snake.
“It’s been called the most sophisticated spying malware that’s ever created,” Limnell said. But if we started getting reports on Snake in 2010, then, allowing for development time before that, “it’s five to six years old,” he said: Russia’s current cutting-edge software must be much more sophisticated — and we probably haven’t seen it yet.
Limnell’s best guess — “This is estimation and speculation, I have to emphasize that,” he said — is that Russian malware is “sleeping” in all sorts of Ukrainian critical infrastructure, ready to wake up on command and wreak havoc with the electrical grid, financial system, and so on. “I believe preparations for these kinds of strategic cyber attacks are being made,” he told me. But the Russians have held back because they don’t want to escalate the conflict in such a blatant, uncontrollable, and precedent-setting way. They’ve savvy strategists as well as skilled technologists, Limnell said, and know full well “it would open Pandora’s box.”
So instead of resorting to scorched-cyberspace tactics, Russia is using the Internet in subtler ways.
“First of all, the Russians — or perhaps it’s best to say some ‘patriotic hacker’ groups — are launching DDOS [distributed denial of service] attacks [and] some cyber espionage,” Limnell said. “Those activities I would call business as usual,” he added: They’re the kind of things Russian hackers with unclear links to the Kremlin do all the time, it’s just that Ukraine’s now experiencing them at a much higher rate.
Second and more important is the “information war,” a central tenet of modern Russian military doctrine. “When we think about cyber in the western countries, we usually think about DDOS attacks or cyber attacks on our critical infrastructure,” Limnell told me. “Cybersecurity is too often treated only as a technological problem…. but from the Russian point of view cyber is primarily the information sphere” — what the Soviets would have called propaganda.

OldSkeptic said...

Crossvader said...

"I disagree about the West wanting the new Cold War. I just don't see how it could be possible."

They don't want a new cold war, they want a hot one.

Ideally, for them, a period of crippling economic sanctions on Russia first to weaken it (as per Iraq, etc). A nasty regional war first, again to weaken them would also be good.

But make no mistake, they are going to go all the way in the end.

But the longer it takes them to get to that state, the more time the internal opposition in their own countries (mostly UK,US and Germany) will have time to change direction. Plus Russia and China have time to get their counter game into action.

The danger is that it all happens much faster than think (ah lah a 1914), because they are overconfident idiots (yes they really do believe they have nuclear primacy and can stare down Russia) and they stumble into a full conflict much faster.

One scenario is NATO troops slaughtering eastern Ukrainians or even attacking Crimea in July/August, at that point Russia will move in and frankly wipe out any NATO forces there so fast it is not funny. Then NATO launches its tactical nukes... then it is all over.

Some variant of that scenario could quite easily happen this year, even within a few months.

This is shaping up to be the most dangerous time for the human race since 1983 or 1962.

Anonymous said...

I have not seen in Portuguese or Spanish TV presenters say the name of Porkoshenco.
Maybe because "pork" = pig in English.
Porkoshenco sounds more like a dirty pig still in Romance language kkkkkkkkkkkkk.
(by Proftel).

Anonymous said...

Thank you Gleb! The translation work you are doing is critical!

Regards from south of the [U.S.-Canada] border,
American Kulak

crazyivanreport said...

@ Gleb Bazov 07 June, 2014 22:37

Kiev junta does not have enough weapons for the military operation

Thanks for your transcript and translation.

I've just finished translating text in which author provided data and suggestions proving the US is not going to aid Ukraine in such a range of weapons Strelkov is afraid of.

Lysander said...

I'm missing what has changed that made intervention a bad idea last week and a necessity this week. Chocodile's speech can't be it, because hot air from wind bags is a given. He may demand X, Y and Z from the east, but it doesn't mean he can get it.

As far as I can see, the only thing that should force a Russian intervention is an impending collapse of the Eastern resistance. So long as Russia can help them fight and win covertly, that is what it should keep doing. From what I'm seeing, the Nazi wannabes are no closer to taking the east today than last week.

Now if the situation changes and Right sector is about to enter the big cities in force, then it may be in Russia's best interests to intervene. God forbid that ever happening.

вот так said...

Celabelle DeCadix said...07 June, 2014 22:11

"And now I'm wondering about an option no one seems to consider: what if the separatists actually laid their arms down?

Isn't that what the Anglo/Zionists would fear the most?"


June 6th combat SITREP update by "Juan"

"7. Krasni Liman. All males ages 18-40 being arrested by right sector. Those arrested are being taken out of town. Fates unknown. Photos. Militsiya (police) car with right sector."

That is what would happen throughout the region. Is that what you want?

Brian_J said...

This report from the South Front Facebook page could be a case of "shrouded" support (to use Afterthought's phrase). Even if Russian fighters take things one step further there seems to be enough ambiguity about violated airspace e.g. by both sides in the non-war between Syria and Turkey.

Russian planes which passed along the border of the Republic of Luhansk near the village Luhanskaya stopped Ukrainian punitive airstrike on the base of the militia in the area of pansion "Dubrava".


Anonymous said...

07 June, 2014 23:21 Yep, as our Founding Fathers said, Join or Die. There won't be any sitting this one out if you're a military age male in much of the Donbass except in Russia or inside a concentration camp, which is basically a British invention and is how they broke the Boer resistance after 2-3 bloody years for the British Army sponsored in part by Kaiser Wilhelm II.

My primary interest in the SE Ukraine conflict is how in many respects it is a proving ground for the tactics and information warfare/control techniques (confiscating all cell phones, computers and cameras door to door, rounding up the males) that would be used in a second round of the 1861-1865 unpleasant events here in the States. And no, a second round would not be drawn up according to the Mason Dixon line, it would in all probability be the BosWash and a few other corridors against the rest of flyover country. Seeing how the people of Boston laid down to martial law when the Boston Bombing became a test case tells me they figure everything from the District of Criminals to Logan Airport can be locked down in one big federal zone without much in the way of problems. It's Appalachia, Texas and the interMountain west all the way to the Cascades that's going to be hell to subdue if we get a Kiev style fascist gubm't here with our own version of the Nazi Guard/Right Sector, maybe FEMA Corps...

American Kulak

Observer said...

So many people here are reacting emotionally over superficial events:

1) Putin is not deviating from his plan, he has NOT given one inch on de-dollarization of energy trade, on the contrary, he's accelerating it. That's the financial nuclear bomb for Western Banksters.

2) He did his duty to his people and military by feeling out his enemy at the Normandy event. He laid out his case to the European serf (voters?, proles?) and now has returned home.

3) He will now evaluate, along with his team, the actions of Parashitko (aka meathead) and those puppets we call leaders here in the West. He'll compare what was committed to him in private to what they actually do. Based on that, his team will activate a preplanned course of action.

4)Poroshenko's bombastic nationalist statements need to be evaluated in light of the physical threat to his life and the threat to his power posed by Right-Sector and the Natzi-Guard. Until he can get his OWN praetorian guard (not one provided by that faery, Yarosh), Parashchenko cannot make changes to the attacks in the East - he'll be killed by one of the Neonazis or a member of the death-squads controlled by Brennan. Does chocolate boy strike you as a brave man? He's about as brave as that running coward Yuschenko.

5) Putin maybe waiting for Chocolate boy to consolidate power, replacing members of the maidan junta with his own people. In the mean time i can't see Putin reducing covert support to the East.

6) until we see a substantive drop on support for the Donbass Liberation Forces (covert weapons, etc.), no one should jump to conclusions that Putin has sold out, or that a direct Russian invasion is imminent, etc.

7) Putin seems to have (notice i said 'seems to have') shown himself to have class (once again) by enduring the humiliation, arrogance and stupidity of those chimpanzee EU 'leaders' and royalty at the Normandy event - in order to serve his people's interests. It may be sickening to watch that inferior clique of vacuous shallow egotistical bigots (the EU and North Altlantic 'leaders') shove the President of Russia to the side, but Putin had to let it happen to achieve his objectives.

7) I wouldn't jump to any conclusions, let's see how events unfold over the next 3 weeks before we get an indication of the real policy being followed (barring a sudden blitzkrieg or cataclysmic event.)

Anonymous said...

@ gleb bazov

thx for this translation.

вот так said...

Just spotted this at the Jewish Moon of Alabama site:

"вот так over at the Saker posted some Slavophile nonsense:

Many argue about whether it is necessary to divide the former Ukraine, or whether it can be preserved, provided that Bandero-fascism is destroyed

Ukraine should be divided into Federal Novorossia and the Federal Ukraine. Because most of the residents of the West and centre of the former Ukrainian wish the European future, and South and East - see their future with Russia. And this split is based on civilizational, cultural, ethnic, and eventually economic components. The basis of today's events in Donbas is the clash of the civilizations of the West and Russian civilization.

What utter rubbish. European civilization is a continuum: from the Anglo-Saxons, to the French, to the Germans, and finally ending with the Russians (to mention just the most significant elements). Russia is part of European civilization; the US is not.

Most of us know that "the basis of today's event in Donbas" is Russia's refusal to submit to the Empire. And if there is a "civilizational clash" here, it is not between Europe and Russia, but between continental Europe and Anglo-American imperialism. The "West" does not signify Europe; it is a euphemism for Atlanticism (i.e., the Empire).

Alexander Dugin's point, that Europe west of Russia is hopelessly decadent and a mere colony of the US, so that only Russia can save European civilization, is an entirely different matter.

Posted by: Demian | Jun 7, 2014 5:53:59 PM | 34"

Rather chickenshit of the zio-queen, posting that at MOA instead of here, as the he knows I was banned from MOA last year for discussing zionist influence in the NWO plutocracy, so cant reply. This is the same pathetic little queen who helped the zionazis on that site gang up on Kalithea and demand she be banned from there for also discussing zionist influence (naturally). I've seen this same sayanim likes to ridicule Saker's religious beliefs at MOA.

Anonymous said...

"The people have to send out photos and videos of the carnage and suffering. Putin needs to make sure there is satellite web service, wireless service in Donbass. Communication and streaming live will win the Media War."

Totally agree with this.

Anonymous said...

'hacked' document from Cyber Berkut/hackers claims that reputed CIA asset SBU chairman VA Nalivaychenko sent a lettet to Derek Chollet, the US Assistant Secretary of Defense, with his condolences over the deaths of two 'agents' (unknown if CIA, the context suggests DIA) in the helicopter shootdown that killed Ukrainian general and 13 other people on board:

"On Monday, Aleksandr Yakimenko, the head of Ukraine's security service, the SBU, during Yanukovich's term went one step further, and said that his successor, Valentin Nalivaychenko, is a double agent working for the CIA."

"Nalivaychenko was recruited by the US when he was Ukraine's Consul General in Washington [2001-2003]," said Yakimenko, for whom an arrest warrant has been issued in Kiev since he left the country last month, while speaking to Russia's Channel One."

This is huge if it can be confirmed. No way in hell to confirm it for now unless CIA/DIA suddenly announce the deaths of two operatives 'in Afghanistan' -- that actually died in Ukraine. At the very least as with the 'I'm an American citizen' grunt video, Russia is warning the US it can expose much of the 'covert' ops underway in SE Ukraine at any time, creating more political headaches for the Obama Administration and GOP neocon backers of its policies in Ukraine.

American Kulak

Anonymous said...

A Poster going by the name of "Hardcore" submitted a video of Poroshenkos swearing in....this pathetic pig walked right by a guard in distress as if nothing was going on....if that would have been Putin(a human)im sure he would have reached out to the individual and prevented his fall...but not this clown....he most likely views his subjects with equal distain!!!! the video speaks volumes on the character of this man....Ukraine is Damned!!!!

Crossvader said...

Old Skeptic (22.52)

It seems to me that you and I are looking at the same thing and interpreting them in nearly opposite ways.

You are seeing the world of geopolitical Harry Potter tale, inhabited by omnipotent super-villains who will engage in any irrational action to get their way.

I see a bunch of cowards who couldn't even attack North Korea and Iran (resorting instead to empty threats), and who are about to sign an act of unconditional surrender to Tehran.

Only time will tell, I guess...

Anonymous said...

Crazy Ivan @ 07 June, 2014 23:16

"I've just finished translating text in which author provided data and suggestions proving the US is not going to aid Ukraine in such a range of weapons Strelkov is afraid of."

Seems like what concerns Strelkov is that the UKR will finally get what they've wanted the most -- stealthy or at least small drones with Hellfire missiles capable of launching decap strikes against Strelkov himself and other DNR/LNR commanders with NSA SIGINT help.

More than likely with the border wide open this weekend in many areas Strelkov and his men will start receiving encrypted radios of the type the polite men in green had in Crimea, that the NSA shills tried to blame Ft. Meade's inability to crack on Edward Snowden. As if radio silence and encryption in the Russian armed forces were invented shortly after Snowden landed at SVO. Without serious encrypted comms being overnighted to massive NSA help including from Kiev embassy crew, offshore in the Black Sea on those ships and possibly on Joint Rivet type aircraft hovering over the Polish/W. Ukraine borders...the Ukrainians are clearly getting their arses kicked in the SIGINT game.

American Kulak

Anonymous said...

Celabelle DeCadix said...07 June, 2014 22:11

"And now I'm wondering about an option no one seems to consider: what if the separatists actually laid their arms down?

Isn't that what the Anglo/Zionists would fear the most?"

This comments is not even funny.

Spoke with a Korean a few days ago, he told me that he recently found out quite a few of the suicide pilots (he did not say how many) that crashed their plane on US Carriers in Hawaii were Korean, Japaneses sent them to die, in a way, one stone killed two birds. In case you did not know,Korea was occupied by Japaneses for over 50 years, many of their male population were killed off in that time.

Why in the world you can be content to be second class citizen on your own land?

Daruma Doll said...

You are ill informed.

80% of Ukrainians speak Russian.

Even in the Halychina region educated people speak Russian.

The second most prevalent language is Surzhik, which is an intermediate dialect between Russian and literary Ukrainian in the East, South and Central Ukraine and an intermediate dialect between Polish and Ukrainian in the western regions.

Litterary Ukrainian, codified at the end of XIX century, is more prevalent among the young generation born after the collapse of USSR, however even these teenagers and young adults use Russian on a daly basis.

In fact, Russian is not a foreign language in Ukraine.

The only reason why it is not given an official status it is because if it was given such status it would completely dominate and probably even progressivly drive Ukrainian language to extinction.

Think of Gaelic in Ireland which is much less used than English, even if it is the Gaelic and not English which is supposed to be the national language of the Irish.

That would be the fate of Ukainian language if Russian was officially accepted as the second state language of Ukraine.

Daniel Rich said...

I'm not going To predict anything, but woudl like to extend the line of thought I think Putin has been following.

Putin has a black belt [judo]. He does not threaten anyone openly, what he does is act when it is necessary [Crimea]. The entire Ukraine would be occupied territory with a large segment of the population against said occupation. With Crimea secured [port] Putin can sit back and watch the Ukie vaudeville unfold. I'm still not convinced the Russian army will invade the Ukraine, because from a strategic point of view that's stepping on a pressurized APM; you can't move, because when you do, it'll blow up in your face.

There's something going on between Russia [Putin] and Germany [Merkel], but to what extent?

Anyway, WWIII will not start come August or September, because it's written in the stars.

Paul said...

more puzzle pieces...

Л. said...

True or false?

Daruma Doll said...

Yes Krasnyi Oktiabr' is way better than Roshen.

Anonymous said...

To вот так:

You seem to have a dislike for Hasbaras posting disinfo. Are you Incogman?

Daniel Rich said...


Q: ..."Most of us know..."

R: When the can with fallacies is opened, the worms will dance...

How cowardly, to attack you in a place/on a web site where you can't defend yourself.

Says it all, really.

Daruma Doll said...

I agree with almost everything you write, but I need one important correction: Ukrainian was already taught in the schools in the Soviet times. In fact, communists imposed it as a second official language even in the Rusdian regions that they added to Ukraine. The regions that have been conquered and populated by Russian settlers since the XVII century: Crimea and Novorossia. Another peculiar topic would be the one discussing the Ruthenian language (Rusinsky) which was widely spoken in Halychina, Volyn and Podolie before their active Ukrainization. Strangely enough, Ruthenian is closer to Russian than Ukrainian which has. much more added polonisms. This is mainly due to the fact that Ruthenian and Rusdian both descend from the language of the Kievan Rus, while Ukrainian was heavily altered by Polish and Turkish/Tatar add-ons.

The topic of Ukrainian language and identity is a fascinating one...

Anonymous said...

Chernigov ancient town' womenfolk, at the gates of the garrison.

"Heavy clouds over Slavyansk, edge of Ukraine is engulfed by fire
We allowed idiots to power. How it's possible - to shoot at own Motherland?

With you, brothers, are Kharkov and Odessa, Zaporozhje and Kirovograd!
For the sake of lowly foreign interest - a brother won't go with war at a brother!

Washington gives order to our thieves :o) - to kill babushka-s and children!
You, soldier, don't obey the stupid orders - enough of deaths in our Motherland!

Never mind that in Lvov it's a tsardom of Bandera - we will not allow to offend Kievans!
You were shooting at Kharkov city mayor - but Big People of the Land - you won't defeat!

You will answer country for Slavyansk! For Odessa - whole country will stand up against you!
New Year you will have to celebrate in prizon
A war is declared to you by the country!

Kolomoysky, Poroshenko and Julia - this is our common misfortune,
At Maidan - you fooled Kiev
As to the East - they don't believe the masters!

Shame on you, Officers, you kill peaceful citizens.

Anonymous said...

Kiev will fall. Then - the EU. Then - the US.

- from Nazi occupied America

Daruma Doll said...

Unfortunately, pro-Rusdian militants are outnumbered and outgunned, and if Russia does not help them with weapons and manpower then they will lose.

Cortes said...

Any other reports of mysterious crashes, explosions, derailments in Kiev and points west? Naturally the stupid Moskals would confine their work to SE Ukraine, no?

letswalk said...

I think a fitting response should start with economic sanctions on the Oligarchs in Ukraine siding with the Junta. This would of course include Poroshenko's businesses.

The next move would be to open up the borders to allow for free movement. The covert phase of what I am sure already is happening needs to be ramped up.

The US wants war but I hope Russia does not give them an open war they can use to cut EU-Russia ties. A de-facto No fly zone imposed by the NDF and surgical "humanitarian air strikes" and NDF run elimination of CIA operators on the ground would be the way to go.

Russia should play the Empires game; doublespeak and "covert" in your face tactics. The US cannot fund another war and will eventually lose out if the EU has no obvious reason to cut ties (i.e no Russian ground troops).

DavidKNZ said...

Old Sceptic: 07 June, 2014 22:52
" This is shaping up to be the most dangerous time for the human race since 1983 or 1962. "

Agreed. I've been studying Putins actual speeches and videos for some while. He's tough, smart and seems to be pretty much fearless. He's also well aware that beyond Ukraine lies the possibility of a nuclear exchange that would kill a lot more than 20 million Russians of WWII. But nor do I think either he or the Russian people are going to buckle to PNAC diktats.

Across the Atlantic, in cool air conditioned offices, a long way from the actual brutalities of war the NeoCon scheming continues.
The Russian and Chinese military are comparatively vulnerable now; in two years they will be fairly impregnable. Its called a "window of opportunity"

Would they be crazy enough to think thus?? Indeed -theres a precedent: from Miko Peled A Generals Son:

The two power centers in Israel were the IDF high command and the Cabinet. On June 2, 1967, the two groups met at IDF headquarters.
The military hosts greeted the generally cautious and dovish prime minister, Levi Eshkol, with such a level of belligerence that the meeting was later commonly called “the Generals’ Coup.”

The transcripts of that meeting reveal that the generals made it clear to Eshkol that the Egyptians would need 18 months to two years before they would be ready for a full-scale war, and therefore this was the time for a preemptive strike.

My father told Eshkol: “Nasser is advancing an ill-prepared army because he is counting on the Cabinet being hesitant. Your hesitation is working in his advantage.” s no mention of a threat but rather of an “opportunity” that was there, to be seized.

Within short order, the Cabinet succumbed to the pressure of the army, and the rest, as they say, is history. (trimmed)

Hopefully there will be no replay. But the men who see Russias actions as challenge to their world hegemony are determined to prevail. People who are willing to sacrifice 3000 of their own, as they did on 9/11, are deranged indeed.

I hope you are wrong Mr Sceptic

Daruma Doll said...

What a surprise!

I always thought exactly the opposite about Finland: it was always an appendix of Russia.

If it was not for Russia, Finland would be just a Swedish province and their beloved language wouldn't be spoken at all in any official capacity.

Finns should thank their lucky star that Russians are so benevolent that they forgave the role Finnish troops played during the WW2 in the Leningrad region and Karelia.

Finns should practice their Russian language skills, since they might come to need them one day.

Just jocking...


Andrew said...

BOK TAK quoting Demian:

Ukraine should be divided into Federal Novorossia and the Federal Ukraine. Because most of the residents of the West and centre of the former Ukrainian wish the European future, and South and East - see their future with Russia. And this split is based on civilizational, cultural, ethnic, and eventually economic components

Actually, the only support for EU and NATO is Western Ukraine and Kiev. And in fact, outside of Western Ukraine, which wants to join EU by an 84-16 margin, Ukrainians are opposed to EU acession by a 34-66 margin and to NATO by a 22-78 margin. Central/South/East Ukraine is also opposed to IMF austerity by a margin of around 39-61 while Western Ukraine is in favor of IMF austerity by a margin of 79-21.

This is why I said what is needed is a Malorossiya project which would "free" Banderstan to go its own way and let the rest of Ukraine stay in its Eurasian orbit. There couldn't be a clearer split in public opinion, culture, language, and aspirations than that between West Ukraine and everyone else.

Nora said...

American Kulak 23:31,

Don't you think they'd pull a whopper of a false flag again? Imo, that's what happened in Boston; I don't buy for a minute the Tsarnaev brothers were anything but dupes. And just from the pictures, the official story does not hold up. I don't know if those Boston residents would fall for that nonsense again -- I hope not. But a BIG terr'ist attack -- hey, let's blame Russia! (why not?) -- and the rural folk I know and I'll bet a ton of your Patriot buddies would be signing up in droves and defending the need to watch our communications because the Russkies are so advanced in their cyberwarfare techniques. And anyone saying anything otherwise would, as usual, be called a Commie pinko traitor. Paul Cockshott quoted a piece by someone named Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. speculating on just how good Russia is at all this -- and the timing, again, is *most* interesting.

But tell me, bc I really am curious: do you guys really expect to prevail should the National Guard (I presume that's who they'd use) start pulling this nonsense? How?

Anonymous said...

"Alexander Dugin's point, that Europe west of Russia is hopelessly decadent and a mere colony of the US, so that only Russia can save European civilization, is an entirely different matter."

I do not understand, why it is Russia's responsibility to save Europe? You just did in world war II, it cost 20 million lives of your citizen. 4 years after war, Nato was formed to contain you. 69 years after war, they have brought the war right to your door stop. Before that, (some one said a day or two ago) Europe tried to conquer you for 800 years. Why in the world you care about how they doing? I understand Russia think they are part of Europe, she is. That is part of reason Russia government tried so hard to appease to the west for so long. But did it work, has it ever bring your people any benefit? Why not take NOVORUSSIA, take care of your own people, sale gas to the rest Europe. Tell them you are welcome for fair trade, if they mess with your security, then they do not have energy security. Then seat back with a bag of pop corn, a glass of beer, enjoy watching them slave under weight of their own debt.

With your rich, and productive land, very talent people, and BRICS to trade with, you will have peace and prosperity that have eluded you for a long time.

Europe will be saved when it want to be saved, not because your think they need to be saved. World War II was a great example. When they are ready, and if you feel like to, you can save them without a drop of your blood, and much less cost, and they will be a lot more appreciate it.

Anonymous said...


the chocolate king shall soon melt once the heat from the east is felt. such a sad thing to see brothers at each other throats just because the slave master have ordered it. the greed of the zionists and thier allies have reached a new high. they instigated wars in Europe, the middle east, Asia and Africa. As long as the people stay impassive, atrocities will continue and the cycle of evil will not break. It's a shame that only a handful of people do read and understand history. Throughout all of mankind's history wars were waged under different names but the motives are the same.....a few arrogant individuals want to control humanity's fate to satisfy their egos. All must be slaves for the egos of the few, after all they are the chosen people. how many more times must we go through the same cycle before humanity wakes up from it's deep slumber ?

peace be upon the souls of the innocents who lost their lives and may god protect the living.

The Discerner

Anonymous said...


I will save this discussion for another time. Suffice to say when you read websites like WRSA, Guerillamerica, you are seeing sincere people who fear they will have to defend themselves and their communities one day. Even granting a 10 or even 100 to 1 keyboard commando to actual prepper/militia of one or member ratio, I'd say it's more serious than in the 1990s given the much more dire economic situation than back then during the Clinton years.

"But tell me, bc I really am curious: do you guys really expect to prevail should the National Guard (I presume that's who they'd use) start pulling this nonsense? How?"

Honestly Nora I do not think a 2nd American Civil War would be fought with jets or advanced weapons beyond armored vehicles. It would be more of a 'Dirty War' eg snatch and grabs met with low level insurgency. This is primarily because a real CW2 would only take place after the necessary precondition was met first -- a severe economic collapse or catastrophic decline in the dollar's purchasing power. TPTB may yet prevent that and put a lid on some civil unrest, if for no other reason than that the typical Donbass or even Kievan seems to have far more testicular fortitude than your average couch potato Amur'can.

But to answer your question: what makes you think Guardsmen especially could be relied upon to obey orders they know will be criminal? Riot control yes. Crowd control for which they're more poorly trained maybe. But I rather think given how broke Kiev is and how broke a fascist central state would be in USSA crackup scenario, things would resemble the fighting in SE Ukraine. Airpower could be deployed, but only sporadically and only with the cheapest systems (no F-22s, and likely no B-52s either) eg drones, A-10s or F-16s, etc.

Last of all I agree with you that Boston was likely a false flag, it has too many telltale signs from the dudes with the black backpacks that looked like the Tsarnaev's to the shushing up, to the Tsarnaev's CIA son in law uncle who immediately threw them under the bus for the cameras (so much for presumed innocent from relatives), to general confusion and coverrup surrounding why the NSA didn't 'tag' Tamerlane T. even after the clear FSB warning following Tamerlane's trip to Dagestan. The biggest giveaway IMO is the Establishment's minions like the Interpreter Mag hinting at or explicitly stating that Boston was not a U.S. false flag but a Russian one!

American Kulak

Nora said...

Anonymous 00:37

"Chernigov ancient town' womenfolk, at the gates of the garrison."

I was going to comment that their words sounded like poetry. Then I saw the video.



That might have been the most impactful protest I've ever witnessed. May God watch over them and protect them from us.

Anonymous said...

Finally Nora, I do concur with you that efforts are underway to equate 'opposed to National Security State with 'pro-Russian' and or 'Commie'. You don't just see it in neocon rants like Jamie Kirchick's 'Paleocons for Putin' taking advantage of Pat Buchanan's verbal incontinence and traditionalist Roman Catholic longing for reunification with the Orthodox on non-aggressive terms. The talking points have been tested for the past two to three years on Twitter, see:

@ReginaldQuill becomes the Twitter account @StopAgitprop, who is likely the author of this series of pseudonymous articles at the 'NY Young Republican Club', judging by content and references:

Given his bombast and failed predictions I hate to say Alex Jones has been right, but he's been right about the DHStapo working on this 'white Al-Qaeda' propaganda meme for years. Which only people who've watched way too much Homeland and idiots who accept anything the feds say will buy. Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl's father thanking Allah in front of President Obama with his 'Taliban' style beard seems to be a part of this weird psyop:

Which dovetails nicely with the 'Putin is secretly arming America's bitter clingers and KGB/SVR covertly supports white supremacists, Eurofascists in Hungary, and even the Ron Paul movement (LOL!) to undermine our beloved Federal Reserve and military industrial complex'. way I can tell it's old Reggie Quill turned @StopAgitprop is because of the Russia obsession, despite him using the fake conservative MIIC hack Cliff Kincaid of late rather than the 'Russia will nuke us any day now' NStasiA fanboy J.R. Nyquist:

Even if one happens to be a gun loving Montanan who lives close to Chuck Baldwin, or Steve Quayle who sees Russian troops hiding behind every bush in America's national parks, they will STILL call you a 'pro-Russian' or at least 'defeatist' 'anti-American' or 'secessionist, neo-Confederate' (my ideas of liberty having zero to do with the Confederacy, which itself was a wartime dictatorship set up to defend the 'pecular institution' of slavery rather than a noble struggle against Yankee empire-building).

What next, will we see fedtrolls insisting that the 'Manosphere' with its awe of young Slavic womanhood is a Kremlin psyop too?

American Kulak

Demian said...

@anonymous 01:09:

I do not understand, why it is Russia's responsibility to save Europe? You just did in world war II

First, I am a White Russian (like Saker) born in the US, so my family was not involved in the Soviet project of "saving Europe" during WW II.

Second, by saving Europe I don't mean that Russia should sacrifice Russian lives (I don't think Dugin means that either), but to simply lead Europe by example and show them it is possible not to be a colony of the US, as Europe currently is. All Russia has to do to save Europe is to drive a wedge between the US and Germany, something which does seem to be part of the RF's strategy.

@Andrew 00:54:

the only support for EU and NATO is Western Ukraine and Kiev. And in fact, outside of Western Ukraine, which wants to join EU by an 84-16 margin, Ukrainians are opposed to EU acession by a 34-66 margin and to NATO by a 22-78 margin

Regional differences did not make a breakup of the Ukraine inevitable. If the EU were not an organization which is going to always exclude Russia (even though Russia is European, unlike Turkey), and if NATO were not an American device the purpose of which is to prevent Europe becoming independent of the US (what use is the US to Europe today? None: it is just an albatross around Europe's neck), Ukrainians would not have to make a choice between "the West" and Russia.

In any case, Ukraine is an artificial state, the product of successive attempts to split off the western part of Russia, first by the Polish empire, then by the German Reich, and finally by USG/NATO.

Anonymous said...

Fabius: "L'UE n'est pas prête à intégrer l'Ukraine"

Fabius: "The EU is not ready to integrate Ukraine"

The European Union is not ready to integrate Ukraine reiterated Saturday the head of French diplomacy Laurent Fabius, back from the inauguration of President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, who had hammered the desire to join Kiev the EU.

Mr. Poroshenko held "a very pro EU discourse, perhaps more than the EU countries are willing to accept," said Fabius on I-TV.

"When Mr. Poroshenko said that (the association agreement with the EU) is the first step of a member of the EU Ukraine, when I discuss with my European partners, there is no majority for it,it is clear, "said Mr Fabius.

"Our belief is that Ukraine is in Europe, but that Ukraine should have good relations with both the EU and with Russia," he added.

Ukrainian President Poroshenko pledged Saturday in his inaugural speech to parliament in Kiev, to maintain the unity of the country of the East is experiencing a pro-Russian separatist insurgency and lead this former republic Soviet to the European Union...

Mr. Poroshenko promised "signature as soon as possible"of the economic part of the Association Agreement with the European Union and the introduction of a visa-free regime for Ukrainians. "We see this as a first step towards accession to the European Union," he said.

Fabius also felt that recent events - Putin meeting / Poroshenko Normandy Friday inauguration of Ukrainian president - were "possibly the beginning of a de-escalation" and assured that discussions on a cease-fire between the Ukrainian authorities and the pro-Russian separatists "should start in the coming hours."

It seems that almost nobody is ready to accept the Ukies in the UE...

Chocolate king is though lying to the banderistan/maidancrowd

вот так said...

Daniel Rich said...08 June, 2014 00:32

"How cowardly, to attack you in a place/on a web site where you can't defend yourself.

Says it all, really."

Yeah it does. Thanks. It's the standard zionazi/nazistan web crap. After I was banned on that Jewish site, several of the sayanim posted attacks, knowing full well I could not counter their smears. This is the typical zionazi chickenshit I've seen on every Jewish run website, "left" or right politically.

DonbassBrussels said...

One FB page mainly in french but also articles in English,videos etc

Anonymous said...

Well, Russians and Swedes are both crying us rivers because neither was able to hold on to us.

We just don't need those rivers for anything.

Best wishes

Anonymous in Finland

Anonymous said...

I often read this blog from the Ukrainian crisis. I greatly appreciate their contributions that help me form an opinion outside of traditional media. Greetings from a descendant of Slavs from Argentina.

Anonymous said...

So what are you implying, that Ukrainian is some kind of incomplete language of the bush people?

Or perhaps the bush people don't realize that their own language actually has its own vocabulary?

Whatever the intention here, the language maps show that Ukrainian is used extensively in the west and most of Ukraine is tje West.

Anonymous said...

I often read this blog from the Ukrainian crisis. I greatly appreciate their contributions that help me form an opinion outside of traditional media. Greetings from a descendant of Slavs from Argentina.

Paul said...

Eric does a good job on this one...

Anonymous said...

Because having a regional language (Swedish) as a national language is idiocy in the first place.

It's the same with Russian in Ukraine.

Lucky mcgriff said...

Dear Saker, your perspective on all this is highly anticipated! There is almost nothing here in the us being spoken of about the situation happening in the Ukraine.
Also thank you commentators, your insight is informative as well as encouraging on so many levels. Blessing!

Anonymous said...

Beginning to sound like Ukrainian is some kind of incomplete language of the Eastern European Bushman isn't it?

Well, complete the job of formalisation of grammar and vocabulary then so that people are able to use it so that they won't have to resort to a language that does have formal grammar and vocabulary.

And then just butt out.

Crossvader said...

There is a good possibilty that Ukraine will run out of IMF money, which is the only money it has - and its pathetic little war machine stops in its tracks - as soon as it pays off its gas debt to Russia.
The country is beyond broke.

Nora said...

Anonymous 00:37, Auslander, Juan, or anyone else who knows Russian or Ukrainian,

Do any of you know the tune those women set their words to in that beautiful protest? I can't get it out of my mind, all of it. So different from anything I've ever seen here, so genuine, from the gut, poetic -- really, when I first saw the words I assumed they were different quotes from different women and literally thought someone should print it as a poem. I can only imagine the impact on those conscripts. Really, truly impactful. May God keep them safe!

Colinjames said...

As urgent the situation in Ukraine is, I'm afraid there's going to be an immediate catastrophe of unprecedented scales in Syria. Literally millions of people about to run out of drinking water within days. I hope, Saker, you will at least put up a small story about this

вот так said...

Andrew said...08 June, 2014 00:54

"BOK TAK quoting Demian:"

Seriously, Israeli Jew-spam?

Your defense of fracking has already explained where your zionazi arse banditry mentality comes from. More directly:

"I got mine, goys, fuck you"

You and damian make a cute zionazi, if typical of the critter, couple.

elsi said...

A beautiful song from my country, for people in Novorossia

Celabelle DeCadix said...

Yes I confess... I'm somewhat ignorant and surely in over my head posting on that blog.
I certainly did not mean to give in to the “enemy”, of course not.
What I meant was, how about a tactical retreat? Surely the Ukrainian Government doesn't have the means to detain all able men, and anyway they need them to work in the factories and mines and such.
So it was my idea that a tactical retreat would give pause to the Anglo/Zionist push for war at all costs, give time to the separatists to get better organized and set up a “resistance” underground, and leave some room for maybe a media counter-attack campaign, and perhaps even some negotiations or other plot lines that we can't imagine right now.
Now I'm sure that one possibility would be that the Ukrainian Government would just decide to bomb everything, but really, I doubt it, because the regions concerned are the ones that are rich in real resources.
OK, you start educating me now. Always happy to consider your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Is it not possible tnat Porochenko's address is only a façace to please tje Right Sector inside and the US outside and that he does exactly the opposite.

That's whant most politiciens do on most subject, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Is it not possible tnat Porochenko's address is only a façace to please tje Right Sector inside and the US outside and that he does exactly the opposite.

That's whant most politiciens do on most subject, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Vineyardsaker: is this true?

Anonymous said...

Interesting information

Thanks and best wishes

Anonymous in Finland

Anonymous said...

Nation states and "nationalities" are useful charades suggesting mutual interest.

The "elites" use these charades against others but don't usually subscribe to them themselves.

The "elites" always seek to enhance/maintain their position - in any living system the primary requirement is to live.

"Elites" will make alliances with other "elites" to enhance their position if this is possible/rational - which sometimes it is not - hence the convolutions.

Petri Krohn said...

Interesting leak by CyberBerkut:

Anonymous Email Leak From Security Service Of Ukraine To Derek Chollet (Sec Of Defense Asst) Proves Major US Involvement In Ukraine
Email Leak From Security Service Of Ukraine To Derek Chollet (Dept Of Defense) Proves Major US Involvement In Ukraine?


Full Control CyberGuerrilla, June 4, 2014
We, United #KiberOpolchenie Donetsk, Luhansk and Kharkiv regions, continue the people's war against the fascist oligarchs and their henchmen Kiev.
We managed to get access to a personal computer, one of the Assistant Chairman of Ukrainian Gestapo VA Nalivaychenko.
As a result of the action at our disposal got a document that reveals some details of destruction Kulchytskyy filth.
Obviously, we are talking about some foreign experts, accompanied fascist general. These people could, how to perform security functions, and advise with respect to the general conduct punitive operations in the regions of New Russia.
Of particular interest is a text document with addresses. Based on the title of the document, we assume that it is - the address for mailing copies of the letter or its analogues content.
For more information, we will lay out here:


First it was 14, then it was 12, now it is "more than a dozen people":

Obituary: Major General Serhiy Kulchytsky – BBC, 29 May 2014

Major General Serhiy Kulchytsky, who led the combat training department in Ukraine's National Guard, was among more than a dozen people killed when pro-Russian separatists shot down a military helicopter near the eastern Ukrainian town of Sloviansk.

Matt Janovic said...

On French website BoulevardVoltaire an article appeared, under the title, "An what if we really allowed Putin to speak?"
The y say that parts of the interview were not broadcast. They added that there were mistranslations, some obviously unfriendly.
For example, asked about Ms. Clinton’s Hitler remark, Putin cited a Russian proverb, that in English would go like: "it's unwise to squabble with a lady." The translation the French heard was “It’s unwise to debate with a lady.”
Under the title "The scandal of the cuts of TF1", website gives the integral text. They observe that TF! decided to cut essential elements of the interview.

Matt Janovic said...

Some hilarious anti-news from Moscow Times:
Viktoria Makarenko, of “Opposition-minded Novaya Gazeta newspaper said”: “These Ukrainians get 21-day holiday vouchers with the whole thing arranged by [Ukraine's self-proclaimed separatist] Donetsk People's Republic.”
So the Youtube video of the evacuation of women and children from Slavyansk, with cannon fire in the background must all be fake, a bit of Putin theatre, with the cannon sound track added.

Anonymous said...

DavidKNZ's comment bears analysis (no pun).

He identifies a very specific threat: that the people running the show in Washington believe this is a "window of opportunity" before Russia and China are able to defend themselves.

In that case, the annexation of Crimea was a miracle and Putin can do no more. No more. The waters are much, much, much too dangerous.

Putin must fight the public opinion war first. And that is exactly what he is doing.

Russian TV has to calm down.

вот так said...


Please ignore my 08 June, 2014 03:38 comment. I was pissed off about something IRL, completely misread your comment, and took out my anger unjustly on you. I aplolgise.

Feng Chsang said...

@American Kulak, 08 June, 2014 01:46
The biggest giveaway IMO is the Establishment's minions like the Interpreter Mag hinting at or explicitly stating that Boston was not a U.S. false flag but a Russian one!

Not linking to the source = not verifiable = good-for-nothing
In the Netherlands we call it "roeptoeteren"
I'm sorry

Veritas said...

Dear The Saker,

I thought this article was very interesting. This is how Russia will go "to war". Not physically but economically and let Poroshenko and Co. deal with the fall out!

I still strongly believe Russia will keep its cool and "attack" Chocie Boy and his Nazi chums another way. So Chocie and USG have declared war - but the response will be very different to what they are hoping.



Daruma Doll said...

I don't know and I can't tell about Swedes, but Russians certainly ain't crying rivers over Finland.

The attitude towards Finns is uniformely friendly, they are seen as a successful and reliable neighbouring country.

The majority of young Russians probably don't even know that Finland was part of Russian Empire or that the major part of Kalevala was first recorded in Karelia from an Orthodox Karelian peculiarly named Arhip Ivanovich Pertunnen and that the first university in Helsinki was named the Alexander Imperial University.

I care about such things because a part of my family is from Saint-Petersburg, because I have made camping on the shores of Ladoga and Onega (did you ever hear about Besov Nos?), have read the Kalevala as a kid and have visited and enjoyed the exhibition of Finno-Ugric artefacts in the Hermitage museum.

Moreover, I know that the town of Old Ladoga is among the oldest Russian towns and that already 1500 years ago the Varangians, the Slavs and the Finns co-existed in these regions.

Besides, there are nearly 30% of Y haplotype N people in Russia, which makes Russia the biggest Finno-Ugric country in the world.

Bottom line is: Finns are considered in Russia as a friendly nation who lived side by side with Slavs for centuries, for the most part peacefully, and have contributed a lot to the build up of Russian nation.

I would even say that for Russians, Finns are foreigners, but they are not aliens.


Daruma Doll said...

Comparing Ukrainian language to Bushman language is quite insulting.

For the Bushman language of course.

The language of the San and Khoisan tribes is probably the oldest in the world and has a lot of very intetesting features.

Ukrainian language on the other hand, is simply a kind of Russo-Polish creole with a lot of Turkish and some Hungarian and Romanian (Vlakh) admixture.

If it was not for the Bolshevik policies, it would've never become a state language anywhere, not even in Kalahari...


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