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Saturday, June 7, 2014

June 7th combat SITREP by "Juan"

Question by The Saker: Did the Border Control Headquarters really fall to Donbas Army?

Juan's reply: Yes, done deal since yesterday morning. Lots of vids showing Donbas Army allowing the prisoners to leave after they changed in to civilian clothes and some vids showing Donbas Army going through the building and armories. Found was a got a ton of weapons and ammo including RPG's and MG's, at least two BTR's in good condition, several trucks and GAZ jeeps, at least one amphibious tracked vehicle that runs and a treasure trove of documents.

It was the officers who fought, the young boys mostly didn't or at best half heartedly. In actual fact most of the conscripts (Border Service and Militsiya are mostly draftees like the Army) were locked in a room until the fighting was over.

Donbas also took two army bases that same day. So score for that day is Donbas lost Krasni Limon and took Border Control HQ, two army bases and took control of about 90 kilometers of border when the actual border guards on duty loaded up all in to their cars and went to Rostov across the border with their families.

Donbas Army also disabled two T-64's, read shot them up pretty seriously. They can be repaired even though one had a pretty substantial fire on the rear deck over the engine/trans compartment. Both had road wheels shot off with their suspension arms and one had both drive sprockets mangled by RPG fire which means the final drive from the transmission is also damaged. Another T-64 took several antitank rifle hits on his main gun. The main tube was not penetrated but the impacts will have damaged the barrel internally and it will have to be replaced.

The Ukes also lost at lest 7 BTR's, more than one BMP, several trucks including one full of national guards that was hit with an RPG and burned. Donbas Army didn't shoot the wounded and burning boys spilling out of the truck.

The Ukes also lost, confirmed, 2 Mi24's and one Su25 with one Mi24 and one SU25 as probables. At least one other Mi24 was damaged by anti aircraft fire and was forced to land hard. Most everyone on that bird was wounded, don't know how bad the bird was damaged.

All in all the Ukes got a bloody nose. Donbas Army losses were not small especially considering their wounded being killed in hospital.

We just listened to Poroshenko's inauguration speech and it's basically a declaration of war against Novorossiya. He intends to finish 'cleaning Donetsk and Lugansk' etc etc. No federalization, no negotiation. Putin has his answer. 

PS:  If the link for the evacuations from Slovyansk is dead here's one that works: 
Comment by the Saker: I have just listened to excepts of the Poroshenko speech (for lack of time I could not listen to the full thing right now) and I concur Juan: this is a declaration of war on Novorossia.

The Saker


Malcolm Donald said...

I think all the recent negative comments re recent Putin Russia powerplays are unfounded. Putin has made his strategic move and awaits the wests response. Remember the strategic move was the alliance with China. The west has yet to come to grips with that. Putin went to the D Day remembrance and got no response to his move. Everyone with a little knowledge knows WW2 was an alliance of democracies fighting fascism and while celebrating this victory these very same democracies are backing fascism in taking over Ukraine. Capitalism is fascism. The is no such thing as Caring Capitalism. As your earlier posts highlighted all Putin has to is watch the west dig themselves into a deeper and deeper hole which in my view they will not be able to dig themselves out of. The new century will be that of the BRICS.

Nora said...

Capitalism is Fascism indeed.

No other words are necessary. The only issue is what we can do.

Lucky mcgriff said...

Our leaders use to claim we we're fighting nazi. Through the looking glass it appears as if they have become what they claim we HAD to liberate! God help us all.

Anonymous said...

In French:

Le Dahu

Anonymous said...

Yes, the Nazis rallied after wwii and decided to attack again, this time taking over the world with DoubleSpeak, PR, and economics as wel as ethnicc cleansing. I amso disgusted by their relentless lies and their drive for war.

Anonymous said...

@malcolm-those so caleld democracies are capitalsims aka fascism. democracy is a fraud.

Docherty, Gerry; MacGregor, James (2013-07-04). Hidden History: The Secret Origins of the First World War (Kindle Locations 1165-1177). Mainstream Publishing. Kindle Edition.

How first and second world wars were sponsored, plotted and started by the English pirate nation witgh meticulous attention to details and planning for atleast 5 years before.

Anonymous said...

Take away the liberal democratic facade and capitalism is nothing more than fascism.

Malcolm Dnald said...

Reading material for enlightenment;
Wall St and the Bolshevik Revolution
Wall St and the Rise of Hitler
both by Anthony Sutton and
Princes of the Yen
New Paradigm in Macroeconomics Solving the Riddle of Japanese Macroeconomic Performance
both my local Southampton University Business School Professor Richard A Werner

Anonymous said...

I listened to "Crosstalk" yesterday and as the guests were discussing the behavior/actions of the american/european was obvious that the direction of Real Power was coming from "Behind the Curtain" you think,possibly it could be the same people that killed the Czars family...murdering in horrendous fashion the Russian citizens....i do...its Obvious!!!!

Anonymous said...

"He also said that the only state language will remain Ukrainian. And minority languages will be provided some abstract of the right to development."

There goes the Hungarian vote in Ukraine... not many but powerful enough.

Oddly this is totally against EU requirements... contrast this with what is being asked of Serbia in order to join the EU, with regards to all of its minority languages.

Mind boggling subterfuge played out for a select few elites, the nomenklatura of the EU, Washington and Kiev Maidan sponsors.

Preferential treatment by EU for those who can stoop low enough.

M. A Vucic... pay attention! Ukraine might just jump the queue!

Le Dahu

Anonymous said...

Well worth watching (English subtitles):

Usaia to attack Russia in 2015: Evgeny Fedorov

Major segments:

0:19:51 Washington’s mechanisms of control via the fifth column in Ukraine (coup launched) and Russia (coup in preparation).

0:47:03 Novorossia could mobilize an army big enough to liberate all Ukraine.

0:55:34 The armed coup was launched even though Yanokovych was capitulating, in order to establish conditions for terror and massacres.

1:03:46 Novorossia has eliminated the fifth column. This will be emulated in neighboring territories.

1:08:57 The foreign ‘mercenaries’ are likely equipment operators.

1:25:31 Fifth column agitators will try to get Putin overthrown for his “inaction” over Ukraine.

1:39:19 The global crusade of the Anglo-Saxons: banditry & exploitation, obscured by style, finesse and copious marketing.

1:45:18 Parallels between the German and Usaian invasions of USSR/Russia (then and now).

Full transscript here:

I do however, disagree with the blog owner's (niqnaq) conclusions of Evgeny Fedorov's analysis of the current crisis in Russia & Ukraine. Which he pretty much dismisses as propoganda.

Anonymous said...

It would appear based on Strelkov's 07 June dispatch that word got around about the YouTube video with the captured audio of the An-30 getting hit with a MANPAD. You can hear the pilot or crew chief screaming. There were two chutes, I doubt everyone ejected safely. Also, either Russia is providing the NAF with SIGINT capabilities or the UKR forces have crappy, unencrypted and easy to intercept comms. You decide, I suspect the answer in many cases is both.
WARNING: Graphic video of screaming pilots/crews

Strelkov said he didn't feel sorry for them at all, they were doing artillery spotting trying to nail the NAF forces. Anyway, probably no more An-30s over the battlefield for now.

Strelkov also says that three enlisted men were captured, two reservists. All three said they didn't wish to fight, their officers and Nazi Guard were making them fight.

American Kulak

Anonymous said...

@ Malcom M. @ 11:34

I hope any comment I've made on this site (infrequent as they are) would be interpreted as Negative WRT Russia and her president, V. Putin.. As an American I admire Pres.Putin. For a conservative he's a very capable leader. He does vigorously support an International class of Captitalist oligarchs, however , who are a nation unto themselves. I think the Nationalists COMPLETELY misread that (and everything else as usual).. The Idea that the world is, or will be divided up between "Anglo Saxons" and other "races" is absolutely demented. For one, I don't think that there is an ethnic subgroup called "Anglo Saxons" - American whites are mostly of German ,Scottish and Irish ethnicity though they speak English (millions of Americans speak Spanish as their native tongue)..Britain has not been "Anglo Saxon" since Beowulf was scribed down in the 900'S by some Umbrian monk. The world is divided by class, not by the primitive social construct called "race" (there is far more genetic variation between different breeds of dogs than between ANY human ethnic sub-group). Nationality doesn't matter to the ruling elites either, they worship and obey money wherever it leads. Europe and North America are beginning to resemble medieval Europe in that, their oligarchic ruling elites are loyal to each other and not to their nationalities, and certainly not to "their people"...

Anonymous said...

FWIW, Tymchuk's site is advocating 'clear and then hold' Operation Storm/Fallujah tactics, or going full war criminal like what we're seeing in miniature with the detaining (if not murder) of Krasny Liman's men:

And these same Maidan trolls and the pathalogical liar Tymchuk probably all laughed at the 'Kremlin propaganda' that Kiev would set up concentration camps to stop the rebellion in Donbass. That's exactly what this article calls for 'sifting facilities'. Nazi is as Nazi does.

No scenes like this (if Saker and Russians can forgive the cartoonish quality of the 1984 source material) in Donbass!
"Avenge me!"

American Kulak

Andrew said...


Europe and North America are beginning to resemble medieval Europe in that, their oligarchic ruling elites are loyal to each other and not to their nationalities, and certainly not to "their people"

Au contraire ... the feudal European elites were loyal to their people, as their people were the interrelated German warrior clans that conquered or founded every European country other than Hungary and the Romanian Empire - Franks, Lombards, Vandals, Goths, Allemanians, Saxons, Bavarians, Frisians, and Norsemen. They very clearly distinguished themselves in law and life as a seperate people apart from the mass of Romans, Celts, and Slavs they had conquered and made vassals, and in Germany proper and the Norse kingdoms, the common people were for a long time treated completely differently than in France or England or Italy or Poland since they were of one blood with the Nobles. This distinction is seen in the spread of German town laws and German towns, which embodied the concept of a non-Noble group of freemen as part of the body politic with right to self government and possession of weaponry.

If this sounds familiar in a way, look at our present trans-national Judeo-Zionist elite, and the priviliged position they give their correligionists in Israel and throughout the Euro-American world where they hold sway in goverment and media and law and compare that to the position they assign to the common people who come under their rule.

Andrew said...

Lucky McGriff:

Our leaders use to claim we we're fighting nazi. Through the looking glass it appears as if they have become what they claim we HAD to liberate!

They never changed at all. The Atlanticist elites that arose in Anglo-America at the end of the 1800's were always just like the Nazis, and they have as much blood dripping from their hands as the Nazis as well. The ONLY reason we got in a war with Nazi Germany (and Imperial Japan) was that the local elites in Germany got too big for their own britches and tried to unilaterally change around the balance of power and assign themselves a new place in the sun that was not theirs to take without agreement of the other elites. Once they had been taught their lesson through most brutal war, these same people were put right back in charge as if nothing had happened, and not only put right back in charge but placed in a leading position on top of Europe through the EEC, now the EU, which mimiced all of the coordinated economic policies they had tried to put into effect between 1940 and 1944.

Andrew said...

Strelkov said he didn't feel sorry for them at all, they were doing artillery spotting trying to nail the NAF forces. Anyway, probably no more An-30s over the battlefield for now.

What is there to be sorry about? The men in the plane have moral agency, and they chose to be involved in a civil war instead of staying peaceably in their living rooms, and put themselves in harms way by deciding to be pilots.

"He who lives by the sword ..."

Anonymous said...

So, the die is cast. There can be little doubt as to what the plans are for eastern Ukraine. Likely the whole region will be placed under martial law being under the authority of special police - read, Right Sector - with perhaps military governors appointed by Kiev. Anyone that takes part in the rebellion will be murdered on the quiet with probably gratuitous torture involved. Twice now groups of rebel wounded have been massacred by nationalists which demonstrates what is in store for any one taking part in the rebellion.
I had wondered at the presence at both CIA and FBI in the Ukraine but upon reflection, they are probably putting together a list of people-to-kill which they will hand over to those who will want to carry it out. I have read that this was done by the US in both South America and Indonesia and who else knows where. The US is certainly pushing the military onslaught and you wonder how many Americans have been killed already. Probably a few more stars will appear on the CIA Memorial Wall before this is all over. Do these people take pride in what they are doing? Or do such people have a high suicide rate like those soldiers that return from a combat zone like Iraq or Afghanistan?
The good news is that as all doubt has been removed, the rebels now know that they have nothing left to lose. And that makes them more dangerous. The MANPADDs are committing slow attrition of whatever functional machines that the Ukrainian Air Force have in stock though I bet a few replacement air frames are making their way in from, say, Poland and elsewhere. Anti-tank weaponry is also making inroads into the Ukrainian supply of tanks and other vehicles going by Juan's account. It does not bode well for a Ukrainian tanker to reflect that the classic death for a tanker is to be burnt to death.
Moral is always a big factor from what I have read of warfare and I would always bet on determined volunteers versus unwilling draftees threatened with prison and with no training being sent to, dare I say it, the Eastern Front.
I would never have believed that a modern European country would send its youth off to war with little or no arms training, no practice in small-unit maneuvering, deficient supply lines, etc. These decisions will come back to haunt the Ukraine for decades to come. Certainly the people in the east of Ukraine will see little future under Kiev and those Ukrainian boys sent there will feel lied to, betrayed and will probably find themselves blamed if it all goes sour - poor bastards.
It dos not matter anymore what Russia does as the West will always blame them for every frustration and setback that happens and broadcast such over their owned media. Therefore Russia might as well enable volunteers and weaponry to slip across the border to help the rebellion on the sly. People criticize Putin because he does not appear to be helping the rebels much but I think that there is much more that goes unreported here. Remember that Putin is, after all, a one-time KGB spook. If the Russian military, who had been upgraded since the 2008 Georgian War, succeeded so spectacularly in saving Crimea from Kiev and the West with hardly a shot fired, then what enhancements has Putin's own spy services being undergoing in the same period. Yeah, I have read of treasure troves of weaponry being 'found' by the rebels but you wonder what material and other help are being provided by the Russian spy services.
As to where the Right Sector thugs stand in all this, I can only advise Juan to remember the words of an American General in the Civil War who, when faced with outrages on civilians at Fredericksberg, said the following words to his staff: "Kill them! Kill them all!"

Wim Roffel said...

Strelkov said he didn't feel sorry for them at all, they were doing artillery spotting trying to nail the NAF forces.

They are still humans. So one should feel sorry for them. No matter what they were doing.

Andrew said...

Wim Roffel:

They are still humans. So one should feel sorry for them. No matter what they were doing.

Okay, I'm sorry for them that they chose to be mass murderers.

Keep some perspective. The blood of the innocent they are responsible for shedding cried to heaven for vengeance, and the hand of God directed the missile sealing their fate. Blessed be the Name of The Lord, and let their fate have salutary effects in the minds of all considering taking up their work.

vladzo said...

to the writing staff :::

please study the vocabulary which you use. vocabulary is very important. please be very careful as to how you use the word "ukraine".
this is a derivative of the word "YKPAIIHA" and it means "the edge" it means the edge of russia. this is not the name of a nation, it is a geographic term for only part of a nation; it is only a part of greater russia. therefore the kiev gang is not the leader of a national state; they are actually galician terrorists. the kiev gang is conducting ethnic cleansing by killing those ukrainians who are russians, or those russians who are living on the edge in YKPAIIHA.