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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

June 10th Novorossia News Bulletin by the ANNA news agency


Anonymous said...

Do you have any knowledge if this is true? If so, Russia will be likely dodged a bullet (If google translation does not fail me):


@Anonymous:Do you have any knowledge if this is true?

Now I do!

If so, Russia will be likely dodged a bullet (If google translation does not fail me):

This is very interesting. Let me see if I can find more about this.

Many thanks for a very interesting pointer!


The Saker

Anonymous said...

Since Lugansk massacre I (like many visitors of this blog) felt terrible, I could not understand why Putin is silent. It was lowest time for me. But as days go by, and Novorossia more or less does handle the situation I feel that we all are just think to simple. We have big emotions in world issues and small responsibilities. Putin (I want to believe) has big responsibilities, I can’t judge about his emotions
I’m far from being a political annalist that is why I usually just try to read articles from all the sides of the political spectrum. Today I found something that caught my attention:

Obama’s Attempt at Intimidating Russia:

Anonymous said...

The Donnetsk Militias have impressed NATO

The following Article in German gives an insight into the impression NATO has of the Pro Russian or Pro independence forces in Ukraine.

Perhaps someone can translate this into both English & Russian.

Anonymous said...

I 've read @ itar.tass that militia is attacking National Guard at Lugansk airport. They got into trap.

Anonymous said...

Here is power behind muscles

spiral said...

This appears to be Putin's way


Anonymous said...

Much more efficient & clever than sending tanks & falling into the trap set by the atlanto-zionist ideologues (demonizing Russia). Putin is playing long term too. 100 000 billion $ debt. US $ system on the brink of collapse. Putin is helping in this way but he knows he just has to wait.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 4:52 - don't bother with that site at all, that is the german version of whatreallyhappened or such - mostly purely fictional or misleading material. Worth zero.

Daniel Rich said...

As per the German entry:

The WSS-Wintorez sniper rifle was spotted and carried by only a handful men.

Although not waterproof: It [the WSS-Wintorez sniper rifle] is issued primarily to Spetsnaz units for undercover or clandestine operations, a role made evident by its ability to be stripped down for transport in a specially fitted briefcase. LINK.

Below is translation of the last paragraph of the the article:

"We would classify this as an ‘infiltrating operation’," said a senior/high ranking NATO officer. "Russia has very effectively used all the tools of power that were at her disposal/ in her arsenal: information, diplomacy, politics, military and economic power - both openly as well as unconventionally."

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 11 June 2014 05:09

The translation takes a long time. But the last sentence summarizes it all. After describing Russian involvement in the conflict the article ends with words:
"Russia has very effectively used all the tools of power: information, diplomacy, politics, military and economic power - both open and unconventional."


Wim Roffel said...

One of a crucial events in the Bosnia war was when Milosevic had helped conclude a peace agreement and it was subsequently rejected by the parliament in Pale. That prompted Milosevic to reduce support for the Bosnian Serbs.

Having nationalist extremists sabotaging solutions must be a nightmare scenario for Putin and I suspect some of his less than enthusiastic support for the uprising in East Ukraine is motivated by the desire to prevent things from getting so out of hand.

Anonymous said...

Still no confirmation

istina said...

When NATO decides to unleash thier Nazi Einsatzgruppen, they are deadly serious. If the NDF would lay down arms the people will be slaughtered by the nazis. That's what happened to the Serbs that made that mistake in the 90s.

Video: European neo-Nazis fight on Croatian side
Video: HVO and HOS in Herzegovina 1992

Anonymous said...

@ Wim Roffel: Milosevic had absolutely no say in Bosnia, nor would anyone there ever listen to him, being a communist that he was and also a foreigner to us in Bosnia and thus not a legitimate signatory anyway.

As for that "peace agreement", it was basically a capitulation. Of course noone accepted it. We are not suicidal in Bosnia, nor are we as lame-assed as say, the eastern Ukrainians. You don't fwck with Bosnians, not for long anyway.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know who these people are?

I don't speak or read Russian.

Anyone suspect them of producing disinfo?

It seems to me they produced the "Novorossia Heroes" series, including Bes (deamon).

Did this 'Bes' guy actually murder two hostages? (and what of his threats in the youtube video to murder more? What became of that story?

The story stinks to me. I have seen only one other mention of it seeming suspicious in comments here.

Are the two of us alone with this suspicion?

- Bic

jc said...

@anon 07:41

The German article originally came from the Financial Times which quotes Jonathan Eyal. It may or may not be garbage, but the reason you gave is not valid.