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Monday, June 9, 2014

"For Inna" - a video which should be circulated worldwide

On 2 June 2014 an air strike of the Ukrainian Air force on city of Lugansk resulted in 8 deaths and 28 wounded.  Inna Vladimirovna Kukurudza (Кукурудза Инна Владимировна), an employee credit union was one the number of the innocent civilian victims murdered that day. She died in the ambulance after the horrific injuries that we see at the end of this video.  This video was made as a tribute to her memory.

Is that video tough to watch?  Yes.  Therefore - PLEASE CIRCULATE IT!

The Saker


TheInescapeable said...

it takes courage on her part..:(

There is nothing like a sight of an amputated spirit....there's no prosthetic for that (Scent of a women)

TheInescapeable said...

shouldnt have posted this

but its imp to get the message across

filthy bastards

BobS said...

The internet media should be inundated by these clips!

They should also include some more insightful, educational information, given the almost total blackout of the media. Like who is behind all this, and the lies.

The only thing that counts right now for the western people in summer mood is the soccer fiesta in Brazil.

But no one else than pres. Putin understands this (Sochi).

I wish he would give the orders to take out the Ukie artillery, out of reach for the resistance by an overwhelming (shock and awe) air strike, taking at least half of the nazis out as well. (and leave plenty of weapons for the resistance!).

Larchmonter445 said...

God bless Inna and the other murdered souls of this madness.

Shame on the governments of the West, shame on the people who bankrolled the murderers, shame on the silence of "enough good men".

No one should ever look away from Inna and the others murdered from the air in a deliberate act against civilians.

This is the eternal moral battle of Humanity against Inhumanity.

We are all called to shout our outrage at this, Odessa, and the ethnic cleansing of the East.

Anonymous said...

send it to putin and lavrov-they may still have some shame left rathter than begging from their anglos enemies.

Lucky mcgriff said...

Dear Saker
Wow! My son age 27 saw me watching this he said that could be us at anytime! I told him I know, what do you think I'm watching this for... This could be anyone, anywhere, anytime, while these lunatics are trying to control the world. Thank you for sharing this. Not easy to watch indeed but the reality is real! Praying for all Ukraine! Blessings!

Anonymous said...

Well, talk as much as you want BUT in opinion of International Community VLAD has betrayed his own people in Ukraine and is loosing on the daily bases. It's not the first time they act like that, e.g. Serbia over Kosovo, Iran over SS-300, Syria continuing desister. He wants Bipolar world without a leader. He refused leadership to Chaves plainly. He's sitting on 40bln so the existance influance concience. Read: US plans First Strike Nuclear Attack on Russia or China and PCRoberts Areyou ready for Nuclear War? on
Ruskis will outsmart themselves.

Anonymous said...

Inna our angel. Killed by Nazism and the western satanic forces of evil, may God bless her soul in heaven.


Vopice said...

"Well, talk as much as you want BUT in opinion of International Community VLAD has betrayed his own people in Ukraine and is loosing on the daily bases."

You know absolutely nothing. Do you want a war? So be prepared. It will begin very soon and you can go to hide in a basement. There will be another people dying instead of you., you "hero".

Afterthought said...

Vopice, war was imposed on Russians. Just ask Iran 1980 to 1988. So it's not a question of war or sanctions, both are a reality.

The question is do you bow down before the New World Order? And what is the New World Order? Is it market economies and democracies? No, that is how they sell it. Behind the facade there is a strict and brutal hierarchy that worships the beast of technology as a god. We see the stark contrast between the sales pitch and the reality of the New World Order in Ukraine. Country divided and aflame, economy in shambles, hopes for new faces in government smoking on the pyre of the Maidan trash.

Putin has means short of war to stop the conflict; it is sad that he hasn't employed them.

Anonymous said...

2 June as 'Inna Kukurudza Day'?

But there are other victims too, and will be more until the dogs of war are put down.

Anonymous said...

Get ready for a lot more Innas

Ukraine's acting Interior Minister Arsen Avakov has announced plans to deploy all the department’s forces in combat and patrol units to eastern Ukraine for participation in the ongoing military operations against pro-Russia protesters.

“I made the decision - all ... fighting and patrol divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs will take part in the anti-terrorist operation,” Avakov wrote on his Facebook page on Monday.
He warned that any member of the ministry, who refuses to join the Ukrainian army’s crackdown on pro-Russians, will be fired.
The Ukrainian acting interior minister also claimed that the move is not only a “necessity” but also a test of “patriotism.”
The remarks came one day after Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko said fighting in the country’s eastern parts must stop this week. He had previously ruled out negotiations with the pro-Russians and vowed to continue the military operations in the region.

Anonymous said...

Request to anyone who has a Twitter account with followers: start a campaign of #guardiancoversupwarcrimes or something like that . . . it might be possible to get some traction on Twitter. #guardiansucks #coversupwarcrimes #rusbridgerwarcriminal #obamawarcriminal #poroshenkowarcriminal #merkelwarcriminal

Anonymous said...

This lowlife motherfucker, Arsen Avakov, is directly or indirectly behind much of the bloodshed and atrocities carried out so far. Why is he still minister of the Interior? If there is any shred of justice, he will get what he deserves sooner rather than later. He should be one of the first people indicted for crimes against humanity

вот так said...

This video needs to be spread far and wide.

вот так said...


Have you seen this info yet? I think this may be important because if true, it adds a whole new perspective on why the zionazis are attacking the SE the way they are.

LNR: Kiev has prepared a plan for the resettlement of residents from the West to the East

""The leadership of the Luhansk national Republic (LNR) became aware of plans resettlement to the East of residents of Western Ukraine, reported on Sunday representative counterintelligence LNR.

"The counterintelligence Department of the Army Lugansk people's Republic received classified information from a reliable source in the government (Arseniy) Yatseniuk. The Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers with the direct participation of American specialists prepared a secret program, which started already in November of this year", - the interlocutor has told RIA of "news".

He explained that the essence of the program is to "organize the gradual resettlement of 250 thousand residents of Western Ukraine, especially from villages and small settlements, to the South-East. First of all, in Donetsk, Lugansk and Nikolaev region".

The program provides the transfer of the property of displaced persons apartments, private houses and land plots "destroyed and driven out of these areas" militias and members of their families. "There is financial support in the amount of 25 UAH for migrant family," told the representative of counterintelligence."

Both VZ and KM are covering this story. The goal of the zionazi terrorism may in fact be not only to draw Russia into the Ukraine so the zionazis can get a full blown cold war going, but failing that, to drive SE inhabitants from the regions so the country can gradually be turned into a banderastan throughout.

The latter strategy is that used by the Israelis. They used terrorism and genocide to drive out the Palestinian population to make an all-Jewish state.

Radik said...

This is also a good channel for latest news about the resistance movement:

Latest News (in englisch):


Anonymous said...

100,000 civilian deaths in US Operation Shock and Awe and not one was humanized. Every death in Donbass needs to be humanized--darn right I will spread this. Good job, Saker! There is no such thing as untermenschen!

Anonymous said...


The great aesthetics of Battlestar Galactica have finally be known and used in Russia!

The – very emotional – and masterfully done video is in many parts a copy cat of “freeing new Caprica” (a place were the left over humans try to settle in despair but get attacked by the “EVIL” cylons). This is NOT a cynical line by me. It is a line that acknowledges that great art can be understood everywhere on this planet – whatever the cultural differences are. It is a great piece of modern propaganda! It tells that we are more than nationalistic morons.

I fully support many things on this board minus three things:

1. The fixation on Jews. They are a lot less powerful then most realize.
2. The fixation on gays. Get used to it. “Gays” have always been part of human sexuality. They are as “normal” as every str8 guy. “They” only become a problem if society does not supply social support outside family structures, because then u will be forced to have a family in order to survive. THIS is the big difference between westerners and ppl from the east. The ppl from the east had only “support by family” in their cultural traditions.
3. The fixation on nations. Hell! I find the behavior of most Russians/Germans/Brits/Dutch when on vacation terrible. If we do not start to see the “other” – even in forms we do not like – as our brothers and start to deal with “them” as equals (in rank and rights) – this planet will go to shitters as in into the abyss.

It is time to learn from the mistakes of socialism and ON THAT BASIS to improve upon it. No more communist party, no more dictatorship of the elite, no more nations.

I am fully aware that this is a “new right” wing blog that supports nationalism. However: if you move one step forward – just one step – there is the option of a new left that is also internationalist. It is not visible as of now, but there will be this option too.

It is really strange that for the first time in modern history people from the right wing asked the right questions (mostly) – and for that I am very thankful – but gave only their very limited answers (“nation”).

Many ppl would identify Obama with being internationalist and “multi-cultural”. Actually that would be great. Obama however is a US nationalist using “internationalism” only for the benefit of US interests. In a way how the USSR played it. “Multi-culturalism” is better then nationalism but at the same time: what we really need is one culture on this planet. One that supports the different backgrounds of people and unites them under one roof. That is also nothing Obama is doing. Neither does the EU or Russia.

If we do not find a way to unite as people in all our differences and accepting those for the time being and seeing thru those different “colors” the same meanings, then we are done.

I hope that Saker and all the readers here will sit back for a moment and imagine: instead of being “Russian”, “Ukrainian”, “German”, “American” to be someone on the other side and understand what really is at stake: the end of the world.

We still have no idea about a better world that can be sustained – but THANK YOU RUSSIA – we at least now have more than one opinion on TV again. It is up to you to find the brother in your enemy. To understand “he” could be you given different circumstances. The game for a better (or worse) world is afoot again. The outcome depends also on you! Don’t allow the easy answers to become mainstream!

Observer said...

I saw that video 1-2 days earlier based on a posting of one of the commenters here: Youtube (NSATube) is lying about the view count, the view count is the same it was back then (which is impossible)

The video is heartbreaking. BTW, new info has turned up that CandyBoy FatHead Poroshenko was the main financier behind right sector going back years; so I was wrong, he's not afraid of Right Sector, he OWNS Right Sector, they reflect the true venom behind this pigs face. So he has his praetorian guard, it's called Right Sector.

He was also the biggest non-foreign financier of the maidan coup this despite the fact that he's the smallest(financially) of the Ukrainian oligarches. Insiders in his circle say that that he's a clinical psychopath and schizophrenic who has a huge inferiority complex about being considered a butt of jokes because of his 'chocolate-king' status. He goes into violent rages at comments that make light of his line of business.

This man is not rational like Saker had hoped (your reasoning about corrupt but rational is spot on BTW, think Hamid Karzai), parasha-encko is a sick bully coward with severe delusions of grandeur. The man is convinced of his superiority over both Pres. Putin and his handler CIA Chief Brennan.

He is not motivated by bribes alone, he is also motivated by his distorted megalomania.

This dumb bastard is too stupid know what he's bitten into (the West considers him expendable).

Michael Collins said...

Video inserted here. This will come as no surprise here, but Ukraine President Once Agent for U.S. State Department

Is it any wonder...

BlueArrow said...

Breaking! Acording to Wikileaks Poroshenko is an agent of the US State Department

Saker, what do you think about this?

вот так said...

Who are the pilots behind the war crimes? Naming the sods:

Летчики-каратели: кто нажимает на гашетку? (Pilots Punisher: who clicks on the trigger?) (trans)

Any information about the pilots who were tight on the trigger in the sky over the city of Lugansk and massively killed civilians using combat aircraft for the Kiev authorities now, " military secret. Their names, surnames and addresses hide even from co-workers. For those who are ready to inform even the slightest details of how organized the RAID, the SBU hunt. Investigating the murder of women and children in the center of Lugansk now are not law enforcement bodies and the relatives of the victims and journalists.

Maxim - major of the Armed forces of Ukraine, retired. Agreed to give an interview on the conditions of full anonymity. Four months ago the it side by side served with those who are now "iron" his people in Lugansk.

"...In the South-East are the pilots with "Belbek", including Mamchur. He specialized in fighter aircraft. He has sufficient training to conduct such flights. They are engaged in different activities - both reconnaissance and strike", - said Maxim..."

Further description of pilots and units involved in the terrorism. Also video and photos.

Hunsdon said...

May God forgive us.

Anonymous said...

Bluntly, big deal, the deaths in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, etc are just as bad or even worse, just that you guys identify with the ethnicity more, being of the same.

Bottom line, not enough blood has been spilled to make the people angrier than they are afraid.

And the Kremlin knows it.

They have the means to save themselves, so to speak.

You all bitching for Russian infantry to go, know your level of operation is the grunt. Now stay out of GS staff matters.

The eastern Ukrainians WILL have to take up arms, fight with an enemy that that is on par with them and win. If they can't do that, no independence.

Please go and study the sacrifices made by those in the American revolutionary war against the British.

As to talk about avoiding nuclear war, if Putin is even hesitant that things could come to such, then in reality you are saying he's got no business being President of Russia.

Anonymous said...

Novorossiya! You must save yourself! Novorossiya will come back to Russia and come into its own, by itself. The battle you fight is for Russia, to defeat America, but better yet, for the future!

Russia is waiting for you, America is waiting for you, the future is ours together. We can win!

- from Nazi occupied Amerika

Anonymous said...

1. The fixation on Jews. They are a lot less powerful then most realize.

'One that supports the different backgrounds of people and unites them under one roof. That is also nothing Obama is doing. Neither does the EU or Russia.'

Here is a Jewish DJ (with his own wikipedia page) who refuses to not play records with afroamericans using the n****r word even though the local black community requested it to be banned as they found it demeaning:

Can you imagine if a radio station with afroamerican DJ and owners played music where is Jewish people called themselves 'yid'? (A football team in England actually banned their own fans from using this term on themselves as they live in a Jewish area as a racist term)

And then the local community asked for those songs not to be played and it was ignored?

This is a slavery term for goodness sake.

So sorry that is why in fact the Jewish influence in the US and Britain is absolute.

Furthermore it is malignant; They are pressing the gangster rap meme for all it is worth. Lionising fecklessness in afroamerican communities (via Jewish owned media) that had a similar marriage and breakup rate only thirty five years ago.

What else are you arguing for?

The end of nations? All under one roof? What about the African immigrants injected in Israel with long term contraception injections by force?

Here is Israel's own media discussing it:

This is the elites mind and mass media control is a huge part of it; The Jewish masses I hope would rebel against their own voracious bankers if they were not as brain washed as everyone I feel.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for the video. It is great!

My buddies and I in the Philippines care for what happens to you guys on the other side of this planet – we belong! Same time: why are you so against gay people? To us it is normal that people are different! Many pinoys are pro USA. Same time some are not, like us. We protest against the US getting new ports for ships. We think America is only about money + power and they do not care about people and they lie always.

Please, please, please understand that for us supporting you: you have to accept us as we are as a culture. We have ladyboys and they are part of our Philippines culture. They are protected. And this – your openness or the opposite makes a big difference to us. Why do you have such a big problem with it? Makes no sense!!! We are decent people. At least many of us. We hate the US as the power who tells us what to do. Why do you come up with this gay hate thing all the time? This does not make any difference!!!! The difference is more like: do you prefer humans or money!!!!

Daniel Rich said...

Do you really want to be a mindless Nazi parrot?

Inna, the look in your eyes, just moments away from death. It will stay with me forever. I will carry you in my heart and seek justice for the loss of your life until my dying day.

You are gone now and I hope you are in peace.

Dasvidaniya, Inna...

Anonymous said...

To anonymous @
09 June, 2014 20:25

It is a very interesting idea what you are proposing.....That mean the all world should have these same stupid shopping malls invented by the Empire to entertain the the plebs, same hamburgers for the all world, same artificial smile for everyone, same shoes, same clothing? Then my question to you is:"Are you a genetic reasercher"?
Have you ever read the books about a different cultures how they were contributed to the richness of this beautiful world?Not just science, music, cooking,movie, inventions and so on. Are you aware what are you proposing? The beauty of this globe is because all of us on this earth we were contributing to everything from many different angles and we want to bring this planet to the peace and harmony, but some little psychopaths has decided that they re going to own the all world, like this megalomaniac Porosenko for example and I can assure you that they are more of these psychopatic Porosenkos are running around the world right now, but pretty soon it will be no place on this earth for them to hide!

Anonymous said...

From the NYT: Russians Yearning to Join Ukraine Battle Find Few Barriers

Daniel Rich said...

More videos of Kiev's 'liberating' artillery shelling.

вот так said...


Want to give you a heads up. Looks like you have been officially designated an "enemy" by the anti-zionist zionist network web sayanim. That is where a lot of the recent trolling of this site originates from. Apparently you've become too effective. :) There is a concerted effort now to discredit you and this site. I've seen these freaks do this many times before, their MO is unmistakeable.

MOA is weirdly distorting your views:

Ukraine: Time Is On Russia's Side

Bernie knows English well enough to know better, so one should assume his motivation is dishonest. Probably wants to discredit you and the site. Recently I read in the comments at his site that he had blocked a comment with a link to your site here.

Some of the MOA "special pets" are also working at discrediting you and this site. Example:

"as far as b getting it right - check the links b provided to the sakers comments.. the saker is like a flag in the wind blowing whatever which way the wind on that day happens to be blowing.. it is a good site, but he is subject to error and misjudgement like everyone else... i agree with b's analysis that russia will not act and that time is on russias side. short term it is definitely not on the side of the people in eastern ukraine, while the people in the west continue to have a news blackout on all of this..

@18 bevin, i agree with the first couple of your paragraphs and maybe the last few, but the info in the middle is more idealistic then it is realistic as i see it..

Posted by: james | Jun 9, 2014 5:19:53 PM | 23"

You may have noticed, that agent provocateur posts a different tune here under the same nick, james.

Crossvader said...

I am not advocating an immediate military invasion, but Putin could stop Kiev's military adventures more or less immediately - by implementing economic embargo and stopping supplies of gas and oil.

The man is starting to get on my nerves. His "flexibility" is starting to look like paralysis.

The rebellion had commenced with his tacit encouragement, and now Russia is subsidizing murder of the bravest of Russian people.

Couple more days of this , and Putin's mug will elicit nothing but a total contempt from me.

Veritas said...

Dear The Saker,

Latest tosh from Chocie Boy:

What a pompous piece of work!

The thief is an utter disgrace - good luck with your future after an interview like that!



heartfelt said...

Good Lord, this MUST be avenged!

Anonymous said...

This is in Russian. I will try to translate in English

"The cease-fire," the police mobilization - what next?


Anonymous said...

Civil nice and clean way to navigate it.
Immediately...names and photos of Ukie pilots and
their wing commanders should be circulated with notice
of answering for war crimes
Make it so these men worry and have hesitation to
continue operations
Make effort to down aircraft and helicopters and capture
the crews for public trial
If captured pilots said they were ordered to attack
civilian facilities...then some commander exists who
sent them on the mission
Now...before to much time avails them cover their tracks
even if you have to use women agents who could get near
to id them or assist in their capture...

There must be some form of intelligence group in the east
which with Russian intel help...bring the fear of god down on
these hench bastards

Anonymous said...

Part 1
The cease-fire," the police mobilization - what next?

As a result of pressure exerted on him in Normandy by European leaders Poroshenko made cryptic statement on the necessity of the ceasefire. None of the scenarios does not provide such a possibility, however, a statement has been made yet, the first time since the beginning of the so-called anti-terrorist operation. The question naturally arises, to what end?

Mr. Poroshenko needs alive or as carcass climb into the European Union. If the task is achievable does not matter as long as he believes in its feasibility, and his European partners not dissuade. Not it is also important that such a move would be fatal for the Ukrainian economy. Mr. Poroshenko does not produce steel or machine. He does not care what will be at this point within the Ukrainian border. The main thing that they include Kiev and Vinnitsa.

More precisely, the former Kiev confectionery factory, and Vinnitsa confectionery and milk factories. If the need arises, the Mariupol and Kremenchug confectionery factories can be sacrificed in order to enter the European market as a full competitor to players like even «Nestlé», in any case, at discounters.

Average wages in the Swiss economy almost thirty times Ukrainian, and the final collapse of the Ukrainian economy and the associated rise in unemployment in the country will serve as strengthening competitiveness "Roshen" due to further reduced wage costs. Removal of customs barriers EU immediately increase competitivnes of "Roshen". By very conservative projections - tripled.

Thus, we are talking about billions of euros to the family Poroshenko and lifelong high personal status, significantly exceeding the honor of being the president of Ukraine. In the end, we are talking about the case throughout the life of Mr. Poroshenko, and he gladly would have gone to all the terms of Europeans - but can not. In the hands of the Europeans - the prospects for its success; in the hands of the Americans - his fall, it costs nothing to remove him from his post. And, of course, the end result - in the hands of the Kremlin.

However, in this case some tactical interests coincided. Strategically, the U.S. is interested in Ukrainian escalation of the conflict, as well as inciting other fires at the borders of Europe - to drive it into the suffocating embrace of the United States. The irreversable events in the world economy threaten in the near future to deprive US of its status of "superpower", parasitic on the other. Or, if you like, collecting tribute from all over the world.

Despite the monstrous debt position of the United States is not yet hopeless - but rescue will require a Herculean effort from which the current administration doing its utmost to divert their nation - until it is too late. Key figures of the White House did not even manage playing on the slide, but on the destruction of "political bears" they want to become the world's superoligarhs after the collapse of U.S..

Anonymous said...

Part 2
To quote the hero of "Gone With the Wind" Rhett Butler: "Most of the people for some reason can not possibly comprehend that the collapse of civilization can earn no less money than creating it." The people behind the White House, though minority, are perfectly enlightened.

The main objective of the leaders of these few transnational corporations – to sign a bondage economic contract with Europe, which would prolong the collapse, the secondary objective is to make profit on destruction, when Europe pays, and then to make profit on partial restoration of Ukraine. At the same time there should not be any damage to the main goal of these TNCs

Developments in Ukraine may be a danger to them. Unlike Afghanistan, Libya and other similar countries, in this case we are talking about the invasion in the sphere of interests of Russia. Barack Obama has already let slip, calling Russia "a regional power." We've learned that when you want to say outright nonsense, the job usually comes down to the level of subordinates of John Kerry - but even to them it did not occurre to call a country that possess a weapon capable of destroying the entire planet, and means of delivery the weapon in any point, " regional. "

Unlike Libya and Afghanistan, Russia also has the world class intelligence perfectly understanding and to closely monitoring the situation. If Putin deems it necessary, it can at any time apply "a blow to the headquarters," to open eyes of European leaders and the international community on the essence of what is happening.

It is enoudg to draw attention to what is happening at this moment: the attempt of quiet "palace coup" by the CIA for numerous questions to arise. Why is this organization that draws on the service, as a rule, holders of traditional American values, run by people very far away from them - and thus not able to clear their ranks? Who is behind this? What are their goals? Involve the United States in conflict with the world nuclear power? In the name of whose interests?

That seemingly foolish thing Obama said - part of building line of defense in this case. Congress would have to declare that Russia does not differ from that of Syria, so you can treat Russia in this way. Nevertheless, customers have already sensed the danger of being caught, and instructed to make tactical adjustments.

It is very difficult to sell to the Europeans use of the army against the population. Like activity called "anti-terrorist operation" can be a stretch, and in a very specific situations. For example, if a certain group holds hostages and the police have no power or means to release them, you can bring a small army unit with the necessary skills - although in this case to justify the use of the army in the country, whose task - the fight against an external enemy, it is desirable to declare a state of emergency.

Anonymous said...

To solve the internal problems common to use police, border police, National Guard, or at least call it internal troops. There is another way to use the army in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, thereby not making war crime: to recognize the sovereignty of the DNI and LC, and then find a suitable occasions declared war upon them, without incurring charges in this aggression, which is also a war crime .

Up to the removal of John Brennan from the position as Ukrainian head CIA operations, politics, not to mention international law, were given in this matter is not so much attention. Deviant behavior of Brennan led to his meteoric career, as provided by its benefactors controls as by the director himself, and, indirectly, the powerful intelligence service.

However, clinical manifestations of deviant behavior in the management of large state bordering with four members of the European Union, could not but cause confusion and even a certain irritation among Europeans, which, of course, contrary to the interests of customers, is endangering their entire operation directed against Europe.

As a result, the new leaders of Ukrainian operations made appropriate adjustments. Director of Political Action Department of the National Service special covert operations the U.S. is not simply allowed, but even recommended Petro Poroshenko "to meet the Europeans," and talk a bit about the "ceasefire". Arsen Avakov was requested to temporarily replace, wherever possible, on the south-eastern theater of war, army units in parts of the Ukrainian militia.

Army, of course, would not withdraw, and when the Europeans settle down a bit, the Special Operations Group of the Office of National Service special operations covert U.S. operations will create a reason for further escalation. To do this at their disposal are still many opportunities: another false flag operation by the use of agents provocateurs, embedded in the defense of South-East, or create own groups of those volunteers who are willing to commit large-scale bloody crimes.

The new leaders of the American operation in Ukraine, unlike the old, will not make stupid mistakes, but their main mistake has already been made: instead of their usual games in eggshell or poker they decided to play chess with the Kremlin, compulsively offering him Gambit: DNI with LC instead of losing momentum in relations with Europe. To calculate future moves, it is not necessary to be an international grandmaster, against which they sat down to play: Europe as a result will come to him herself.

As for Poroshenko the chance to achieve release of "Roshen" to the European market - is a topic for another thought. Several determinants he obviously did not take into account. Although it is his business, let think for himself.



Imagine said...

Ukraine U.N. spokesman admits that the Ukraine Special Prosecutor's office is digging in to both the Odessa massacre and the Luganst bombing. They are finally admitting that Odessa was a well-organized team slaughter, but (surprise, surprise) place no blame on Right Sector and native elements but rather concoct an ingenious plot of Russian spies being in league with the Odessa police. One does not know whether to laugh or cry.

Nonetheless, the wheels of justice grind slowly but sure, and different corners of the truth are starting to come out. It is good that Ukraine has an independent Prosecutor who can even get this far.

Amazing kudos to Matthew Russell Lee of, for proving that there is still one good independent reporter in the country of America.
On Luhansk Bombing, Ukraine PR Denies Then Tells ICP of OSCE Web Site Blocked, Odessa Probes

Anonymous said...

Ya....its not good news that Europa gets its gas and oil
from Russia...and then gets to kick Russia around like a
Stray dog
Following the Syrian conflict....Turks and NATO
scummed Russia...
I thought Erdogan was dead man walking
Guess Russia must have levels of abuse which
pass before they square things.
Having that Fogh Rassmussen creep roaring at you
from the TV....
When is Putin going go do something to recover the nations

Daniel Rich said...


Off topic.

Morally dishonest [wo]men make me vomit vehemently.

On one web site they say, "If you decide to ban X for inserting Zionism into every thread, whatever the topic, then please do so. But you will also be enhancing the quality of posts here in general if you do so.”

On another web site they claim,“Please do not ban these nakba denial comments here. They are extremely instructive about the lengths that the Israelis will go to deny the obvious. The parallel to holocaust denial is something that we should all see — it is telling us something about what is going on in the minds of Israel’s defenders. I realize it is a difficult call but for now let them come out and spew their hatred for all of us to observe. It is revealing something that needs to be revealed.”

I have no respect for such individuals whatsoever. Actually, I strongly detest them.

In the mean time people are dying left and right [and all over the place], so lets keep going with being this divided...

Who benefits?

Anonymous said...

As a human being, my anger is growing by the day, the hour, the minute, the second since May 2. Since I was a kid, I always wanted a revolution, always opposed the government. At that time I wanted non-violence, disarmament and peace. But now I have come to dedicate myself to war. I didn't realize the truth of the statement, 'political power grows out of the barrel of a gun'. But now I do. And I rededicate myself to war, but now with a new determination. And the USA has taught me this final lesson. For some reason I used to imagine there was some kind of validity to America, at least as a good idea, maybe because I am 'American'. But the American government must be overthrown, its corporate and military sectors isolated - America has to be stopped in any way possible. I call out to people everywhere, fight, do it now, 'cause now is the time. There is no tomorrow.

Frank Enstein said...

Eveeytime I tried to insert the video with comment on The Guardian UK Newspaper, it has been censored, and I got pre-moderated, amazing isn't it:
This is how I included it:

***Warning*** 18+ footage of atrocities below - the harrowing facts of civil war.

"For Inna" - a video which should be circulated worldwide

On 2 June 2014 an air strike of the Ukrainian Air force on city of Lugansk resulted in 8 deaths and 28 wounded.

Inna Vladimirovna Kukurudza, an employee credit union was one the number of the innocent civilian victims murdered that day.

She died in the ambulance after the horrific injuries that we see at the end of this video.

This video was made as a tribute to her memory.

Is that video tough to watch? Yes. Therefore - PLEASE CIRCULATE IT!

If this video cannot move you to tears, then nothing will, and you have no heart.

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." Edmund Burke

Frank Enstein said...

Every time I tried to include Inna's video on The Guardian UK Newspaper, it got censored, and I got pre-moderated, amazing, huh?

***Warning*** 18+ footage of atrocities below - the harrowing facts of civil war.

"For Inna" - a video which should be circulated worldwide

On 2 June 2014 an air strike of the Ukrainian Air force on city of Lugansk resulted in 8 deaths and 28 wounded.

Inna Vladimirovna Kukurudza, an employee credit union was one the number of the innocent civilian victims murdered that day.

She died in the ambulance after the horrific injuries that we see at the end of this video.

This video was made as a tribute to her memory.

Is that video tough to watch? Yes. Therefore - PLEASE CIRCULATE IT!

If this video cannot move you to tears, then nothing will, and you have no heart.

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." Edmund Burke

Crossvader said...

The most surreal spectacle in a history of commerce is playing out as we speak...called "Russian - Ukrainian gas negotiations".

You see, Ukraine is getting its natural gas supplies, BUT REFUSES TO PAY FOR IT (!!!), and so far has accumulated about $5B in arrears.

Now, any normal supplier would cut off deliveries long ago, but not Gazprom. They just keep giving their stuff away, and after begging for the payment, meet resolute Ukrainian refusal, again and again.
Then they continue pumping more freebies to Kiev.
I've never seen anything like that.
Russia looks more and more like a joke.

Another round of this charade had just finished without an agreement. And it looks like Putin will retreat once more. As usual.

In effect, Ukraine is killing Russians with Putin's money.

вот так said...

Frank Enstein said...10 June, 2014 00:52

"Every time I tried to include Inna's video on The Guardian UK Newspaper, it got censored, and I got pre-moderated, amazing, huh?"

The Guardian is a poster child for Jewish owned and run media. Best way to deal with them is refuse to use them. Boycott the zionazis out of business.

Andrei P said...

Calm down Crossvader;

A very high stakes game is in progress.

The USA is collapsing and it is a matter of how much damage it does in its death throes.

Does it take Europe and Russia with it or even the whole world?

The adults in the room are Putin, Merkel and Hollande.

There is all sorts of heavy weaponry pointed at Russia as we speak and the people of the Donbas, Gospodi pomilui, are hostages to this.

Pray their torment ends soon - the USA cannot hold this hostile posture for long and the longer they do the worse it will look for them.

War is horrible pray that it remains confined to Ukraine

вот так said...

Daniel Rich said...10 June, 2014 00:23

"Morally dishonest [wo]men make me vomit vehemently...Who benefits?

I've learned that with S.W.A.R.M. (Israel Shamir term), they'll do just about anything (as long as it is cowardly) to promote ziofascism and the NWO capitalist status quo. The more politically to the left or right they pretend to be, the more duplicitous they are.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the video and more news of the slaughter in eastern Ukraine should get more media attention! I was going through some of the US "progressive" sites this morning such as Common Dreams, Truthdig, Alternet,. etc. But did not see anything on the Ukraine! Instead I read an article on the corruption of the World Cup event and then went to the comments section and was heartened to see the following;
"I know this is off-topic but Slavyansk is under attack from Kiev military forces, and civilians are under siege - no water or power. VP Biden was in Kiev yesterday, supporting a crackdown on so-called rebels. We have a humanitarian crisis that the so-called western media is ignoring or attempting to downplay."
Instead of people berating the poster, many agreed and thanked him for the comment! (me included) So comment and spread the news whenever you can! even if its off-topic!

Anonymous said...

This is the recording of the Ukrainian snipers discussing the money they get per killed/wounded, who pays them etc.

Anonymous said...

The gurdain and all such English propaganda organs must be killed by all means. They are the enabler of genocide in ukrsine, Iraq, Syria, Serbia, Libya, Somalia. Time tobhave thse war criminals killed.

Observer said...

@ вот так Thanks for the link to the article that names the alleged Pilots that took part in this massacre that killed Inna,

The Yandex translation is very hard for an English speaker to follow, here's a summary of the accused:

Names of the some of the Pilots that took part in this war crime on Lugansk

-Julius Mamchur - Colonel of the Air forces of Ukraine. Ex Commander of Belbek Air-Force; the guy seen taking part in a BBC propaganda stunt where he confronts a Russian Special forces commander at the roadway into the base; famous scene wear a Russian paratrooper neatly aims a rocket launcher directly at the BBC crew. The idiot eventually turns tail after his BBC handlers are satisfied with the footage.
His Picture:

-Yuri Pogorely. 37 years. Graduated from Kharkiv Air force University

2 guys from 831 brigade:

-Colonel Sergei Alyshev, a graduate of Kharkov University, and

-Alexander Aksenenko, a participant in the 2011 joint exercises with the U.S. and Poland. He was named pilot of the year. In February 2014, Aksenenko was on guard duty at Belbek Ukrainian military airbase, Crimea when it surrendered to local forces prior to the referendum.

Other Ukrainian Air-Force pilots (including Galicians who are disgusted by the actions of Kiev) have come forward and have supplied Russian intelligence with names of other pilots whose voices they recognized from the intercepts (how they recognize voices in all the static noise is beyond me).

Leolo Lazone said...

Inna Kukurudza, presente

Here is a page in memoriam for Inna Kukurudza at the seemorerocks blog, published there 7 June.

Marius said...

As pathetic as this sounds, and it is pathetic, I cannot watch this horror.

What can any of us do about it save telling others?

The Western world is dominated by elite, corporate and military interests. We do not have the freedoms we are told we have - only the freedom to do exactly as we are told else be recorded on a list for round-up when the time comes in the not-too-distant future for re-education or something of the kind.

The organisations established to prevent this catastrophe have comprehensively failed. The UN is a farce and puppet controlled by the US - the ultimate 'vassal'. The US in turn is an even greater charade, one controlled by a tiny elite to the detriment of its brainwashed but otherwise good people.

Many, many more ordinary people in eastern Ukraine will suffer unimaginable hardship, brutality and death while the UN, Amnesty, etc, etc stand idly by and watch because Big Brother US has thrown the 'terrorist' label into the mix.

The slaughter of ordinary people in the streets is not making it into the pages on the controlled western press. The propaganda being fed to us is simply staggering. It can only lead to one conclusion - we are now reliving 1930s Germany.

World war is now almost a certainty. There is no possibility for the US or 'Europe' to recover economically. The elite see war as the answer to the 'problem' they created while looting the ordinary people.

What have the Germans learned having even banned using the word 'Nazi'? Absolutely nothing, for history is repeating itself right here, right now and the Germans sit silent - muted by their elites, just as they were in the 1930s. The same elites that controlled the world in the 1930s. The elites that usurped control of the US and are hell bent on extending their claws to every corner of the earth.

The Germans can stop this rot immediately. However they do not.

Schande über Sie, die Menschen Deutsch.

This latest failure of the Germans will no doubt too be tragic for humanity.

Where will it all end? Many more dead on the streets of Ukraine is certain, but after that? We shall see, but with the confluence of events now occurring around the world - it will not end well.

How did we all in the west allow this to happen - not just Ukraine, but right in front of our faces... We will surely reap the seeds we have sown.

To the people of eastern Ukraine who defy their murderous 'government', my thoughts are with you and your families.

Crossvader said...

Andrei P,

I think it's you who needs to calm down with your feverish visions of "heavy weaponry pointed at Russia". There is no such thing. Russia has the heaviest guns of them all, yet it behaves like a pathetic weakling.

And to call Empire's degenerate bootlickers like Merkel and Hollande "adults in the room" seems an ironclad indications of you inhabiting parallel universe.

I hope your post was humorous.

Anonymous said...

The short sighted, selfish Russians who criticize NOVOROSSIA not sacrifice enough, should have their head examined. People in SE put their lively hood and life one line because they are Russian. They are in this plight is in most part because you, and Russia. If you think the West will stop at border after they put down SE, you are delusional.

I suggest you prey everyday for mercy of the west, so they will not cross border, cause you a few billions, or maim your young men. In fact, I suggest you get on your knees and beg. After all, since Russia took over Crimea, Obama lost face, and take it out on NOVOROSIA for now. If you beg enough, he might just stop undermine Mother Russia.

james said...

Bot Tak said @ 09 June, 2014 22:52

You may have noticed, that agent provocateur posts a different tune here under the same nick, james.

Bot Tak was referring to this comment that he pasted from MoA-

@18 bevin, i agree with the first couple of your paragraphs and maybe the last few, but the info in the middle is more idealistic then it is realistic as i see it..

Posted by: james | Jun 9, 2014 5:19:53 PM | 23"

That is not me. I rarely read MoA and do not comment there.

I have noticed someone using that same name - james without the capital J - posting here at Saker's from time to time. He signs his comments at the end. I use my name at the head of my comments which links to my URL to identify myself. It is not an unusual moniker capitalized or not.

Bot Tak noted that the james at MoA has a different opinion to me. Why would I do that? You use the differing opinions not to draw the more obvious conclusion that it is two different people but, rather, take the longer route to imagining I am therefore an 'agent provocateur' and without any evidence.

I think an apology is in order, here.

james said...

I've just gone over to MoA and see that Bot Tak was quote me as saying more than I thought and canning Saker. Again that is not me.

There is the lack of a URL verification with the MoA comment, as I said.

Bot Tak should provide more evidence than a common name that is very 'common' to make accusations.

The question remains, i f it was me, why would I use my name? Doesn't make sense does it?

An apology is in order, as I said

Anonymous said...

Hi, Saker, you have not post anything in comment section today. I know how you feel, or maybe I can imaging how you feel. But there is nothing you can do. Be well.

Anonymous said...

Hey Saker could I make a suggestion. Your comment section needs to organized because the better posts are now being devalued by all the frivilous ones. JMO

Mulga Mumblebrain said...

Marius, the WSWS has some very good reports on the revival of Nazism in Germany, in the MSM. The public opposition to the West's insane reckless aggression and total mendacity in regard to Ukraine has the elites,always partisans of fascism, spitting chips. Unsurprisingly the nasty mess that was the Green Party, long Zionazi Central in Germany, is leading the charge. And the WSWS has a good two-part study of the long history of Western alliances and co-operation with Ukrainian fascists.

Mulga Mumblebrain said...

Bot Tak, The Guardian is filthy, particularly in its pose as a 'liberal' voice. It follows the FoxNews line of the Western MSM over Syria, Ukraine, China (and the non-occurring Tian An Men Square 'massacre')like a loyal dog. Recently one of its droogs spent some time doing some ritual boot-licking by arguing that the concept of the Jews as 'God's Chosen People' was not meant to be taken literally, but was metaphorical and applied only to the role of Jews in 'redeeming' the world. That grovel, is, of course, directly contradictory to the Rabbinical Talmudic understanding which sees Jews as an entirely different, and higher, life-form than mere goyim. Who to believe?

mijj said...

The Ukraine bombing raids on Novorossia are reminiscent of the WWII London Blitz.

вот так said...

Anonymous james said...10 June, 2014 03:38, 10 June, 2014 03:50

Don't be silly, james. It's obvious that you are the james at MOA. Your writing style is the same and you even doppelgang other writer's lines in the same manner at both places. :)

james said...

If that were the case, bot tak, it still doesn't make sense to use the same name if I'm running a deception. The only person that I can see who would copy any style or format of mine AND use my name would be someone who is trying to set me up.

And that person would be someone with an animosity towards me like you have demonstrated towards me.

вот так said...

An example of how the zio-gays reinforce each other's smears and propaganda:

"b is right......the saker is like a "flag in the wind blowing whatever which way the wind on that day happens to be is a good site, but he is subject to error"""" ....I noticed he was wavering a few weeks ago and when one posted a thought that questioned his rea soning ..,,,the cover of moderation was used to not post.....and then lo and behold the thoughts were part of his caveat analysis,,,,but anyway he has corrected himself and should produce astute analysis again,,,but "b" lets face it you are certainly one individual that gives a lot of thought to something you present...

Posted by: tantin | Jun 10, 2014 7:48:06 AM | 86"

Tantin was quoting james and was helping his fellow sayanim james in the exact same manner zionazi agent provocateurs and sayanim do throughout the web, where allowed. It's one of their standard spamming techniques. Likely tantin is a sock-puppet of james, another standard zionazi spamming technique.

james said...

The other "james" first appeared here on the Saker's site. I decided to not take the bait and wait to see who drew attention to it figuring they would be the perp. And it was Bot Tak and not really a surprise to me.

I did not comment on the obvious copying of other comments to see if Bot Tak would identify himself again by drawing attention to it also. And he did!

And his latest comment accusing me of creating sock puppets with evidence that he himself produces or surmises out of thin air, is exactly what he is doing. This is common practise amongst trolls and perps of all stripes to accuse their others of doing what they, the perps, in fact are.

Was it my pointing out the disinformation that anonymous and newbie commenters were leaving links to that brought this on?

If anyone is following this long dead thread and are interested, they can look at my blog and judge for themselves who is the troll.