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Saturday, June 7, 2014

CrossTalk: Who is actually destabilising Ukraine?


Anonymous said...

David Stockman, former director of Reagan's OMB -- who quit back in the 1980s when he realized Reagan's people had no intention of pushing serious deficit reduction and has since become a critic of the GOP -- is suggesting that Ukrainian atrocities are being deliberately committed to bait Putin into direct intervention.

Dissent -- at least among the last pockets of sanity within the GOP (I've now written off Ted Cruz for pandering to the neocons on Russia as Marco Rubio lite) -- is growing.

"Now Kiev is braying and beating its chest, claiming to have murdered hundreds of people, when in fact its forces are in retreat and have lost control of the eastern part of the country. What can one say when a regime proudly claims to have committed war crimes – which are clearly, at best, exaggerations? Only that Ukraine has crossed the always vague border between the Twilight Zone and Bizarro World."

"That this bizarrely bloody series of events occurred as our President was canoodling in Warsaw with the Chocolate Oligarch, issuing a statement hailing events in Ukraine as “an incredible outpouring of democracy” merely serves to confirm our relocation to another dimension."

American Kulak

Lumpy Gravy said...

This may be an interesting debate but I just can't watch this stuff anymore. I like Peter Lavelle and some of his regular guests but I prefer his articles over his TV shows. The way RT present him (and most of their other shows) is totally obnoxious. Why do they make him walk on to the set at the beginning of each show? Why does he have to talk at the rate of 8 words per second, which makes him sound like he's short of breath? I get heart attacks just from listening to this. Why the schematic, repetitive, ever recurring phrases like "jump right in" etc.? Why do the apparently unavoidable marquee banners have irritating extra decorations in the form of digital glitter and animated sparks? Why does a 25 minute show need a break which is then filled with even more unnecessary animations?

Just watch the very interesting discussion Peter had with John Laughland, Pepe Escobar and others a couple of days ago ...

... see what I mean? Is this supposed to be politics for generation game console? If you feel dizzy after this and if you can't remember what they've been talking about, don't blame yourself. You're not suffering from attention deficit disorder. It's infantile RT producers who can't keep their hands off the digital toys that ruins much the stations output for me. It all seems to be fine-tuned to divert attention from the political substance.

Nah, I prefer reading articles like Diana Johnstone's latest ...

... which provides an excellent summary of the Ukraine crises, some analysis and a rather gloomy outlook in the last paragraph.

Anonymous said...

Aren't the tactics being used by the Neo-Nazi's in Ukraine identical to the tactics used by Assad in Syria? Things like attacking hospitals used by his enemies.

This is not said in support of the Neo-Nazi's. But it is a symmetry that will be thrown in Putin's face.

And there's also the symmetry of Assad being re-elected and Porochenko being elected.

Anonymous said...

According to this article (in Russian) the Right Sector has proclaimed that they have created their own “private army for the President”.

“A spokesman for the Right Sector said live on a radio station: "We have held talks with the president and now he has his own army." On what legal grounds these "negotiations" are based is anyone's guess. "From tomorrow we start to help the president in the process of dissolution of the Supreme Rada [Parliament] - it will be dissolved".

Anonymous said...

Patrick Smith's tie looks like the St. George gold/black ribbon. Intentional?

Alexis TK27 said...

For anybody reading French, the following video is a must:

This is a 4 minutes explanation of the Ukraine crisis... and it's funny!

Yes, the crisis is definitly no laughing matter. But making fun of propaganda is allowed, and indeed healthy.

Observer said...

Wow Alexis, that French video clip you provided (on Dailymotion) of Hitler secretly controlling the EU and driving the maidan coup, was extremely informative for the zombies out there that are too sedated to know whats going on in this latest EU sponsored war-crime.

This video is excellent. Really well done. People should spread it around (benelux and France).

Go check Alexis TK27 @13:30 comment for the link to the video, a perfect summary of the Ukraine debacle.

Petri Krohn said...

I have finally found out why Finnish billionaire Gennady Timchenko was put on the US sanctions list. It has nothing to do with "being friends with Putin" or the argument with Helsingin Sanomat over the sale of Helsinki "Hartwall" Arena. His company Stroytransgaz as the builder of the Bulgarian land section of the South Stream gas pipeline!

Bulgaria halts South Stream ‘pending consultations with EU’ –The Sofia Globe, June 8, 2014

Local media said that it had become clear that the three US senators – John McCain, Ron Johnson and Christopher Murphy – had expressed objections to the choice of Stroytransgaz as the builder of the Bulgarian land section of the South Stream gas pipeline, given that the company’s owner Gennady Timchenko, was subject to US sanctions because of Moscow’s illegal annexation of Crimea.

As an EU citizen I am deeply offended by Senator John McCain's interference in internal EU decisions. From when is it his duty to dictate European Union law to EU member states? This meddling by Americans on South Stream in Bulgaria reveals the true face of the US Empire: NATO in Europe is nothing but a form of military occupation!

(Thank's to neretva'43 on MofA for the tip)