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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Meet the (real) new authorities in the Ukraine, example #1 (UPDATED!)

Forget Klitchko, Iatseniuk, Tiagnibok or Tymoshenko. Though they all have some degree of popular support, what they don't have is power. The real authorities in the Ukraine is the so-called "Right Sector", their leader, Dmytro Yarosh, and his brownshirts. This video shows the reaction of one of these gentlemen, a certain Alexander Muzychka aka "Sashko Bilyi", a veteran of the war against Russia in Chechnia, addressing a meeting the administration of the Roven region in the northeast of the Ukraine.  Mr Muzychka, upon being informed that the new (official) authorities in Kiev have decided to collect unregistered weapons, addressed the meeting with the following words:

Who of you wants to take my assault-rifle away?
Who of you wants to take my pistol?
Who wants to take away my pistol, my assault-rifle or my knives?
If somebody wants to take them, let him come near and try!

Needless to say, none of the politicians in the room said a single word.

This is the new regime in the Ukraine.  And this is not going to change any time soon.  The Ukrainian military is a joke and exists only on paper.  The Ukrainian police has almost totally vanished and the only force which now has a monopoly on violence are the neo-Nazis.

The US and EU can really be proud of themselves.  This is indeed a stunning success for "democracy".

The Saker

UPDATE: Here is an interesting bio of that "gentleman": (thanks to "ELS"!!!)

One of the notorious guerilla fighters of the Ukrainian origin in Chechnya, Olexander Muzychko (aka criminal leader Sasha Biliy) today is heading a brigade of “Pravyi Sector”, the radical militant driving force of the ongoing coup d’Etat in Kiev. According to his “official” biography (link in Russian), in 1994 he was awarded by the then top commander of terrorist Ichkeria enclave Dzhohar Dudayev with the order “Hero of Nation” for “outstanding military successes against Russian troops”. His “military skills” were quite specific: he used to lure the Russian units operating in remote Chechen locations to guerilla ambushes. Then he personally participated in tortures and beheadings of the captured Russian soldiers.



bfrakes said...

in the west fascism wears the cloak of constitutional government
in kyiv,it walks the streets naked

Judith said...

The West has always had a soft spot for thuggish leadership and come to think of it, that is probably why Stalin was so admired by Franklin and Winston.

Sokenekos said...

What else is new? If you want to taste this kind of medicin, go to Croatia (an EU member(!) ) and say publically that you're a Serb. Good luck:). Same applies to Russians in Baltic micro-fasciost states that serve as launchpads for ZATO missiles pointed to Russia.

Hence, those who brought this scurge upon the Ukraine knew much too well what they were doing. Terror has always been their only weapon. WWII continues against Russia. So far, it has been won by the nazis & their handlers, zionazis, in most of Europe, and is approaching Russia; it's main objective.

What's to be done? It can be ignored, but the price of getting rid of it is going to be much, much higher later on.

Stolipin once said: "Give Russia twenty years of peace, and you won't recognize her." Little did he know that the enemies were listening.

In fact, this reminds of the rise of nazis in 1933. Zionazis are creating another iron fist to strike Russia with, but this time out of the corrupted Slavic material which has proven to be the most effective given the oportunity. A win-win situation for the zionist nazis.

Sokenekos said...

Couple more links on the topic:

Anonymous said...

hi Saker,
well, what a typical example of the "new order's" oportunistic & sheeple servants. as always, primitive & dumb up to the point of some kind of archaic cartoon parody...
but yeah, they are the loudest intersection of the extremism & general stupidity.
if such people are creating even a local "history", it's indeed disgusting example of human "evolution" & intelligence (=reflection)...
as a citizen of former Czechoslovakia, i'm well aware of many of our pathetic local "dead corpses" (e.g. Sudeten cleansing by similar monkeys as in the video, etc) in our "national" Pandora's box. and therefore it's boring & true at the same time, how the history repeats. and the words "nothing new under the sun" are sounding with the last eschatologic pages of the History being turned over... sorry, i simply like Berdajev & Sestov... :)
history is fascinating and disgusting trip to a kind of collective subconciousness with notorious stereotypes & schemes dying off & raising up again...

Anonymous said...

The Crimean parliament will convene Feb. 26 to discuss Ukraine's political situation, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty's Ukrainian Service reported Feb. 25. The speaker of the Crimean parliament, Vladimir Konstantinov, said he did not recognize the new Ukrainian parliament's laws. The decision to meet came after several hundred pro-Russian activists blocked the parliament building Feb. 25 and demanded an extraordinary session to discuss holding a referendum on independence. Crimea has historically belonged to Russia, and the Russians in Crimea did not feel that demonstrators in Kiev represented them.

Anonymous said...

Video footage of Israel's "peaceful protestors" in action spreading zionazi "love".

Video from Ukraine - Open source news from Ukraine

вот так

Anonymous said...

bfrakes said...

"in the west fascism wears the cloak of constitutional government
in kyiv,it walks the streets naked"

Well spoken.

вот так

Anonymous said...

Saker The West can't go Left so they only can go Right.
The question is can Russia go Left or must it simply pit Putinism against Fascism?

jack said...

That's interesting because the idiotic Russian "nationalists" fascists on Stormfont Russia are praising the far right groups.

Do you think Russia fascist groups are going over to the Ukraine?

Mikhail Pridushchenko said...

After the video the only question is: when the guards'd got tired? Nothing new since 1917.

Anonymous said...

Now the only question is: when the guards of Rada would get tired? Nothing new since 1917...

Anonymous said...


The "Right Sector" looks like the SA. Is a "Night of the Long Knives" looming?

Anonymous said...

For Saker, a very revealing interview with Dmytro Yarosh published in Sean's Russian Blog which is a russophobic outlet.

Anonymous said...

"The US and EU can really be proud of themselves".

The Anglo-Saxon scum is as proud as in January 1933, when they succeeded to bury Weimar and lift their Nazi patsies to power who were programmed for war in the East. Details:

Their refreshingly pragmatic attitude allowed them to hire Reinhard Gehlen, Eastern front intelligence chief ("Fremde Heere Ost") after 1945 to build the BND, the CIA's German intel subsidiary.

Just to make sure that the Germans did not get to close to the Russians they had Theodor Oberlaender fired from government in the sixties. Oberlaender authored well known memoranda in 1943 in which he complained about the treatment of the Eastern peoples by Nazi occupiers (namely Erich Koch in the Ukraine).

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